A license to operate

Today is an important day for us: We have received our license to operate from the city of Hamburg.

What does that mean? MOIA is officially allowed to start its operations in Hamburg. For MOIA, this is an important step because it provides us with the legal security and framework it needs to create a good and reliable ridesharing service for the people.

In concrete terms, the license stipulates that we will be able to offer "a dynamic, app-based pooling service" from the beginning of 2019 for a period of four years. Before that, in the fourth quarter of 2018, we can start a test operation, similar to the current one in Hanover. Specifically, the license terms also cover the number of vehicles: until the end of 2020, we have received approval to operate with 500 vehicles. After this period, together with the city of Hamburg, we will look at accompanying research on how the MOIA effect looks for the city and the traffic. If it is positive, we will stick to our plan and enlarge the fleet to around 1,000 vehicles as well as our service area. We are confident that we will meet our goals and help to reduce traffic congestion, noise levels and improve air quality in Hamburg – along with many others such as public transport, cyclists and pedestrians.

The process and the outcome show that the city and the contracting authority have not taken this decision easily and have considered the questions and concerns of all.

Honestly, we are very happy! This was an important step. And it goes straight on: Our teams are now working hard to prepare for the start in Hamburg next year. So that Hamburg can be returned to those who it belongs to: the people of Hamburg.

You can find more information about the license here: http://www.hamburg.de/bwvi/medien/