Working together towards the mobility transition

Ridepooling is already making a significant contribution to the mobility transition in cities.

At MOIA, we want to make an important contribution to the mobility transition in cities. Because we are convinced that ridepooling makes our cities more liveable, safer and more beautiful - for everyone.

Our Service: ridepooling 

Comfortable, affordable and environmentally friendly: Ridepooling is already making a significant contribution to the mobility transition in cities. It involves people pooling their journeys with others who want to go in a similar direction, the number of cars on the roads is cut, existing infrastructure is used more efficiently and traffic problems, such as air pollution, congestion, noise and lack of space, are reduced. However, ridepooling only becomes a real alternative to owning a car when it complements public transport in a worthwhile and optimum way. 

Together to the goal: ridepooling in public transport

Our driving force: partnership 

As a partner for cities, we work closely with public and private mobility providers who share our vision: Focused on the user, we want to shape mobility in cities to be so demand-oriented, flexible and attractive that we can succeed together in the mobility transition. The amendment to the Passenger Transport Act (PBefG) also lays down in law the new digital mobility services in the cities.

And with innovative, integrative service offers, we are taking the next steps together with our partners - when, for example, passengers can also book their MOIA via the Hamburger Hochbahn’s hvv switch app. When our night service supports the public transport system of the city of Hamburg during the pandemic lockdown. Or when we team up with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Mobileye to develop autonomous ridepooling on Hamburg's roads.

Our vision: scaling

Together with our partners, we can quickly develop new concepts and service models and actively shape the mobility market of the future. So we are already thinking big - but by focusing on the cities of Hamburg and Hanover, we first concentrate on our development: In a service area totalling around 470 km² we are developing the "blueprint" for how ridepooling can be best integrated into our urban mobility as a sustainable alternative. 

We are constantly evaluating how we can expand our service in the future in order to effectively improve the mobility system as we know it today. We are not only optimizing our existing services, but also investigating autonomous ridepooling in new cities with the help of scientifically sound simulation models.

At MOIA we create ridepooling holistically

The whole journey from one source

Ridepooling is an important building block for the flexible, sustainable and multimodal mobility of tomorrow. And at MOIA, we think along the entire value chain from start to finish: Digital product development comes from the same source as the operational management of vehicles, fleet and drivers and is deeply rooted in software and hardware.

The fact that we are taking such a comprehensive approach here not only offers our users an especially seamless riding experience in our all-electric MOIAs, which have been specially developed for ridepooling. It also makes us more efficient, more flexible and faster - for example, when it concerns working with leading industry partners to bring autonomous driving technologies to the road as on-demand ride-pooling.

Co-creation with the best: our users  

In order to provide our users with comfortable and affordable electromobility, we need to understand our customers needs. Within their individual everyday mobile life - and across all age groups. In our continuous co-creation processes, we therefore put research into user behaviour at the centre of our product development. Many ideas have already been incorporated into our emission-free cars and into the service we provide.

In addition to this, comprehensive empirical data* gives us new insights into how we can optimise the MOIA experience and thus influence the mobility behaviour of our users so that they choose sustainable mobility solutions much more often. High customer satisfaction shows that we are already on the right track.

Good to know

*) Find more insights about our research.

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