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How does the future of urban mobility look like? What are we planning for the future? And what is our view on urban traffic?


An Interview with MOIA-Safety Driver Nicholas

16.07.2024 We at MOIA want to bring autonomous shuttles to the streets of Hamburg for public use. Currently, we are in the test phase. For testing purposes one or two safety drivers are in the vehicle. One of them is Nicholas, who tells us in an interview more about his job as a safety driver.
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Accessibility Hamburg: MOIA's barrier-free service

06.05.2024 At the beginning of 2023, we added 15 accessible vehicles to our ridepooling fleet. And the current figures show: The demand for our service among wheelchair users and people with disabilities is enormous.
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Autonomy recap: strong partnerships for the mobility transition

25.03.2024 For the first time, MOIA was represented at the international trade fair for sustainable mobility solutions, the Autonomy Mobility World Expo in Paris. The international trade fair for sustainable mobility solutions took place on 20 and 21 March in Paris. It is directed at companies, start-ups, political decision-makers, institutions and NGOs.
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Ridepooling in Europe: What services are offered where?

08.03.2024 The benefits of ridepooling are being increasingly utilised. Between 2019 and 2022, the number of on-demand transport services in Germany grew to more than 80 - a record number. The potential is not only recognisable in Germany, but throughout Europe. We provide an overview of the European market.
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MOIA Mobility Consulting: Can ridepooling improve the mobility system in the Styrian Central Region?

10.02.2024 With the help of various analysis tools, we evaluate how ridepooling services such as MOIA work in the mobility system of a new region and contribute to sustainable mobility. But how does such a process work? We will show you using our project in the Styrian Central Region in Austria.
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How can the mobility transition succeed in rural areas?

15.12.2023 Prof Dr Jochen Eckart is a transport ecologist and, as a scientist, was involved in the ARD #besserBahnfahren campaign, which examined the importance of public transport in rural and urban areas, among other things. In this interview, he reveals the results of the survey that surprised him, the role he attributes to ridepooling services in the mobility transition and which mobility measure he currently considers to be the most urgent in order to protect the environment and climate.
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MOIA opens ridepooling ecosystem to cities and local transport operators

08.12.2023 By introducing a licensing model, we are expanding our revenue model: in the future, we will also offer cities, transport companies and authorities all the necessary services related to ridepooling.
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ALIKE project: starting signal for autonomous ridepooling in Hamburg

20.11.2023 With the ALIKE project, we are bringing autonomous ridepooling to the streets of Hamburg together with Hamburger Hochbahn and other partners. MOIA is taking on the role of both operator and tech provider for all vehicles. Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing personally handed over the €26 million funding decision for ALIKE at the end of October and took a test drive in the ID. Buzz AD.
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Our MOIA vehicle in the spotlight

28.09.2023 Whenever a MOIA is on the road in Hamburg or Hanover, people are curious. Our vehicle clearly stands out from the other cars not only because of its pluto yellow colour, but also because of its size and noise. But these are by no means all the special features of our MOIA. In this article, you will find out everything about the first vehicle specially developed for ridepooling.
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