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How does the future of urban mobility look like? What are we planning for the future? And what is our view on urban traffic?


How does Corporate Mobility work?

17.09.2023Around a third of the kilometres travelled in Germany are for work. Corporate mobility therefore plays an important role in the mobility revolution. Olga Nevska aims to electrify Telekom's entire fleet and talks about the challenges of this change and her own MaaS app "goodride" in an interview.
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A simple explanation of mobility terms: What are the differences between carsharing, ridepooling, ridesharing, ridehailing, and carpooling?

27.08.2023In a time, when traffic jams, parking problems, and high CO2 emissions are an afterthought, we will live in a world where people can get from place to place efficiently, comfortably and in an environmentally friendly way. We explain how on-demand concepts are already contributing to the mobility revolution today.
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Ines Kawgan-Kagan: "The transfer into every-day life is the biggest problem."

20.08.2023Mobility is strongly influenced by the male perspective. Ines Kawgan-Kagan has been working on the topics of mobility, transport and society with a focus on gender, diversity and inclusion. In this interview, she explains how mobility can be designed in a gender-neutral or inclusive way and how the needs of women can be considered in the development of innovative mobility solutions.  
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Welcome to the future: Successful AD Readiness Event by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and MOIA

06.08.2023At the AD Readiness Event of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN) in Munich, we demonstrated that autonomous driving is not only safe, but also comfortable. Here you can read what the participants experienced.
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Autonomous driving in Europe: An overview over the legal framework

26.07.2023Two years after Germany passed a law allowing autonomous driving, we take a look at the situation in Europe. What is the state of the legal framework in different European countries?
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Unveiling Life @ MOIA: A passionate journey of collaboration

05.07.2023Welcome to the MOIA Journey! We’d like to take you behind the scenes of DevCo, one of MOIA’s companies, and tell you the story behind the development of our website, Life @ MOIA.
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Who uses MOIA, how and why? A long-term study on the effects of ridepooling

21.06.2023Already at the start of our ridepooling service in Hamburg in 2019, we set up the largest long-term study on ridepooling in Europe. To better understand the impact of our service adjustments since then, MOIA is conducting a second long-term study in collaboration with a consortium of renowned academic and private institutions.
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MOIA Introduces Mobility Analytics Tool MIA

01.06.2023At the UITP Summit in Barcelona, MOIA presents the new cloud application called MIA. Developed in collaboration with three partners, this tool simulates how mobility services like ridepooling can be optimally integrated into urban mobility systems for cities, municipalities, and transport associations.
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More cycling and public transport, fewer cars - How the modal split is developing in Hamburg

30.05.2023Last year, 68 percent of all trips in the Hanseatic city were made by public transport, bicycle or on foot. What this result means for the Hanseatic city
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