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How does the future of urban mobility look like? What are we planning for the future? And what is our view on urban traffic?


MOIA Introduces Mobility Analytics Tool MIA

01.06.2023At the UITP Summit in Barcelona, MOIA presents the new cloud application called MIA. Developed in collaboration with three partners, this tool simulates how mobility services like ridepooling can be optimally integrated into urban mobility systems for cities, municipalities, and transport associations.
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More cycling and public transport, fewer cars - How the modal split is developing in Hamburg

30.05.2023Last year, 68 percent of all trips in the Hanseatic city were made by public transport, bicycle or on foot. What this result means for the Hanseatic city
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How will autonomous mobility services impact European urban mobility? Talking with Agustin Friedel, moility expert at MHP - A Porsche Company

01.05.2023Autonomous driving will significantly change urban mobility. Mobility expert Augustin Friedel explains which service concepts have the greatest potential in Europe, the expectations of users of autonomous mobility services, and what this means for the players in urban mobility.
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Does the Deutschland-Ticket affect demand for ridepooling services like MOIA?

19.04.2023The introduction of the Deutschland-Ticket is considered a revolution for public transport in Germany. Here you can find out what the introduction of the public transport flat rate actually means for new mobility services such as MOIA.
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4 years, 4 curious facts about MOIA in Hamburg

14.04.2023It's hard to believe it's already been four years since our all-electric ridepooling service launched in Hamburg in April 2019. We are proud of 6.7 million safe, emission-free rides for our users. To celebrate our anniversary, we want to share with you four curious facts from four years of MOIA in Hamburg.
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Ridepooling: What is it and what does it do?

19.03.2023Sustainable mobility is like a big puzzle: Ridepooling is a part of it. Here you can find out what’s behind the term and what effects ride sharing can have on urban transport systems.
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Autonomous driving: Significance, operating principles & state of development

19.03.2023The autonomous driving of cars & co. is considered to be a mobility concept of the future. However, the technology no longer seems all that far away. Learn more about the principle, how it works and what is possible, either now or in the near future.
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Transport turnaround in Hamburg: This is how mobility in the Hanseatic city is changing

19.03.2023Climate protection, accessibility, safety, liveable public space: there are plenty of good reasons for a transport turnaround. In this article we will show you how it’s going in Hamburg and what’s planned for the future.
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