MOIA for Business

Convenient travel to every business destination

Use vouchers for business rides or request an individual offer.

For professional passengers

For every commute

Travel professionally with MOIA

Travel in comfort to all your work-related destinations. From the commute to work to business rides within the city: with MOIA, you will reach your meetings, the train station or the airport conveniently, cheaply and fully electrically. 

Your benefits

Travel and pay with ease

  • Your ride is cheaper than individual transport.
  • If you choose MOIA Express, you will arrive at your destination quickly and more directly.
  • We will invoice you digitally and you will receive a digital receipt. You can set separate billing addresses for separate invoices.
  • Your ride is transparent and easy to plan, as all information about pick-up time, arrival time and price is displayed before you book.
You have the choice

You will love these three features

Even more direct, even chaeper or at exactly the time that you want: choose the booking option that best suits your plan.

For employees, customers and guests

Travels according to business plan

To meetings

Get picked up by MOIA  and arrive on time

Arrival and departure

No need to find parking at the train station or airport

For employees

Employer benefit:  travel sustainably from A to B

The "last mile"

Cost-effective travel to the   company office

For events

Safe travel to events  and back home again

Customer bonus

Innovative mobility for   loyal and new customers
Your benefits

All-round convenient cost savings

  • Ridesharing for companies significantly reduces mobility costs.
  • All booked rides are invoiced digitally, centrally and monthly.
  • With MOIA Express, you and your colleagues get to your destination quickly and more directly.
  • Our vouchers are a benefit for employees, increasing satisfaction and impressing customers and guests with premium comfort on board.

Would you like to discuss your requirements? Fill out the contact form and our MOIA for business team will get in touch.  

MOIA voucher portal

Vouchers for every business

The MOIA voucher portal allows you to easily configure vouchers for employees, customers and guests with no waiting time. Choose between vouchers for free rides or vouchers with a maximum amount and create the exact transport offer that suits your use case. 

Your contact point

Let us advise you

Would you like a personalised offer? Tap the button, fill out the contact form and our MOIA for business team will get in touch.  

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