A shared journey that matters

As an innovative and growing company, MOIA represents future mobility, community and the main goal of making our cities even more livable places. We are a fully electric ridesharing service, operating in Hamburg and Hanover. By now, we had the opportunity to welcome more than two million customers on board. Working together with municipal authorities and urban planners, we understand and satisfy people’s needs, seek out a dialog and design intelligent and innovative ways to reduce stress, noise and emissions in urban traffic.

The enthusiasm we have is obvious. We love our cities, we love living in them and we love staying in motion with it. Simultaneously, we aspire to be a leading  company in the fields of rethinking  mobility and improving urban transportation by making it  more relaxed, more affordable and an entirely  positive experience for everyone. If you share our vision, join us on a shared journey that matters.

From Development …

MOIA GmbH develops the products that make our vision of new mobility tangible. With over 200 employees in Hamburg and Berlin, our product development process reaches from technology and strategy, all the way to design and marketing. We create the innovative foundation for a travel experience that is comfortable andas efficient as possible.

… to On-Demand Service

MOIA Operations Germany GmbH brings our service to life. This is where our depots – our “hubs” – and our fully electric fleets are managed and coordinated. Other than our hub managers,  our drivers and customer service professionals are also part of this big team. Together, we bring the latest technology to our customers and make sure that all passengers travel safely to their destinations.

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