A shared journey that matters

At MOIA, we spend every day working on the mobility of the future. Support us on our journey and become part of the team.

Great community

Become part of a diverse, friendly and forward-thinking team.

Many benefits

Look forward to training opportunities, flexible working hours and much more.

Deeper meaning

Don't work on just any product: Help shape the future.

As an innovative, growing company, MOIA stands for mobility, community and has the higher objective of making our cities a better place to live in. As a fully electric ridesharing service, we are already on the move in Hamburg and Hanover for more than two million people. In collaboration with city planners, we carry out research into needs for a cleaner city, seek dialogue with the city and design smart new ways to reduce stress, noise and emissions in city traffic.

It’s clear that we do this with great enthusiasm: we love our city, living here and staying in motion together. We also want to be ahead of the game when it comes to reinventing mobility: relaxed, sustainable – and in the not too distant future, autonomous. If you think this way too: then a career at MOIA is exactly the right choice for you.  

Your job at MOIA

Reinvent the mobility of the future...

MOIA GmbH develops the product that drives forward our vision of new, forward-thinking mobility. From technology and strategy to design and marketing: with over 300 employees in Hamburg and Berlin, we create the basis for a ride experience which is fun and as efficient as possible.

Your job at MOIA Operations

...and take it to the streets with us

MOIA Operations Germany GmbH brings our service to life. We manage our hubs and fully electric fleets here. Our drivers and Customer Services operatives are also part of one big team. Together, we bring the latest technology to the streets, and every passenger safely to their destination.

Become a driver at MOIA

Get Hamburg moving!

As a MOIA driver, you will not only drive our all-electric MOIAs yourself and transport your passengers from A to B smoothly. You also help to relieve inner-city traffic, reduce CO2 and make our cities even more liveable.