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Join our team of developers, software engineers, designers, strategists and more: embark on an adventure into the future of mobility.

Varied work

Exciting projects that challenge your skills each and every day.

International team

We bring together experts from all around the world.

Real purpose

At MOIA you make mobility safer, easier and more sustainable.

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At MOIA GmbH, we develop the technical products behind our ridepooling service from hub, fleet and driver management to passenger, autonomous vehicle integration and B2B solutions. At our offices in Berlin and Hamburg, we have over 370 multicultural software engineers, designers, product managers, strategists and more working on a shared mission based on our product values of inclusivity, optimism, sustainability, reliability and innovation. 

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From tech to team spirit

Benefit from …

  • an inclusive culture where everyone feels accepted, respected, valued, appreciated, and included 
  • an agile approach and ever-evolving technologies within a modern tech stack 
  • continuous growth and development through job rotation, trainings, and conferences 
  • a collaborative team and sense of responsibility for your area of expertise 
  • the opportunity to work remotely in 40 countries for up to 6 weeks a year 
  • a hybrid working model – at home or in our central office spaces in Hamburg and Berlin 

" We are not searching for staff to build and operate. We are searching for enthusiasts to discover and create."

Sascha Meyer, CEO MOIA GmbH
Find your path

Advancing your career

Here at MOIA, weve crafted a career road map that blends forward-looking strategies and cross-company influence with smart decision-making. Our fundamental principles, Growing and Moving, pave the way for a smooth transition into fresh new roles, allowing you to pursue your passions within a specialist or people management role. 

To support you on your professional journey, we offer 

  1. The MOIA Academy: your go-to hub for a diverse range of resources, from internal and external workshops to training modules and coaching sessions.
  2. Check-in talks and discovery dialogues: collaborative sessions designed to encourage reflection and map out practical steps for personal and professional growth. 

With these tools in hand, we’ll help you achieve a fulfilling career. 

Life at MOIA

Take a look behind the scenes

Curious to know what life at MOIA is like? Thanks to our company-wide hackathons, there’s a whole site dedicated to life behind the scenes at MOIA and in-depth stories on the team. 

Meet our Tech Stack

At MOIA, we live tech through and through. With an agile mindset, we develop uncompromisingly excellent software and solve complex algorithmic problems that no one before us has (probably) ever faced. Here, our scope of work includes Cloud and Infrastructure, Backend, Mobile, Embedded and Automotive, Web and Data. 

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Join us at MOIA

Five steps to get you on board

To make sure you find your place in the MOIA universe, our hiring process goes beyond the classic “hiyou’re hired. We like to challenge you a bit but also let you try us out for yourself. 

Together in motion

Learn more about MOIA

Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and learn more about our culture and how we work. The MOIA blog on medium invites you to dig deeper.