The new movement.
 For your city.

Join the mobility revolution.

Fully electric

At MOIA, we offer emission-free local travel – so not only are you doing something good for yourself, but also for everyone else.

Perfectly easy

Simply book using the app, jump in nearby and lean back.

Absolutely transparent

You will find out the cost of your ride before booking. You can pay using the app.
New from 2023

We are expanding our services in Hamburg

Hamburg, we're taking you further! The new year is starting with big news. This is new for you now:  

  • Our service area is growing by 70 km2
  • Funded areas are discounted by 1€
  • hvv subscribers save 1€ per trip
  • We have integrated barrier-free MOIAs
Did you know?

Ride for less during the day

Give it a try! For example ...

  • ...from Winterhude to the airport for only ∅ €7.20* 
  • ...from Eimsbüttel to a stroll in the Stadtpark for only ∅ €7.10* 
  • ...from Wilhelmsburg to lunch on Lange Reihe for only ∅ €9.80* 

*The average prices shown were determined over different periods. The prices for the displayed routes were recorded on three different weekdays (Mon. - Fri.) and at different times of the day (between 10 am - 4 pm). The average price for each route was then calculated. Our prices are dynamic and may differ from the amounts mentioned. All displayed average prices include VAT. 

Offering a turnkey solution for cities

Moving cities forward

In Hamburg, we are now part of the public transport system! But to fulfil the demand for highly flexible and available urban transportation, we need to scale our ridepooling fleet. Adding autonomous vehicles will be our next necessary step.

How MOIA works

Our idea

Ridesharing with MOIA

Shared ride – that means that you share a MOIA with up to five other people - who want to travel in the same direction. This means that there are fewer cars on the streets, and the quality of life in our city improves.

Environmentally friendly, thanks to shared rides.
You’re doing something positive for our city.
Our app

Ridesharing redefined

Your ride with MOIA is super easy: Download the app, register, enter your start, destination and the number of passengers - and you'll receive up to three offers with the guaranteed fare and estimated time of arrival. Now you just have to decide. The payment is easy via the app.

Average 200 metres walking distance. 
You will be informed of your arrival time before booking.
Kids now always travel for free*!
Children up to the age of 14 can now travel free of charge at any time when accompanied by an adult.
Your ride

So convenient, so relaxed

Your MOIA picks you up at a stop near you - and the app guides you there. The app also shows you the pick-up and journey time, the virtual stops, the duration of the walk and the vehicle number three minutes before departure. And then? Get in, sit back and relax without having to search for a parking space. A screen in the MOIA shows you when you have reached your exit point.

Relax and ride thanks to privacy seats. 
Alternative to carsharing, public transport and taxis.

Do you have any other questions?

From January, we will also be barrier-free in Hamburg!
Severely disabled people will be travelling with us free of charge from 01.01. and can register for this now.

You will love these three features

MOIA Express

Reach your destination in a more direct way.

MOIA Prebooking

Book trips up to 24 hours in advance.

MOIA Smart Saver

Save on every ride for 30, 90 oder 180 days.

Because every move counts

Make a difference with MOIA Move

For the environment, your city and everyone who shares it with you: Together we can make a difference! Become part of MOIA Move now, fulfil new missions and look forward to special rewards.

Load the app. And book your first ride.

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