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MOIA Operations Germany GmbH in Hamburg consists of a head office and three depots, our “hubs”. In Hanover we operate one hub. Our hubs are the central locations where our drivers and operations employees manage, clean and maintain our golden yellow, fully electric vehicles. From here our MOIAs depart to the streets of Hamburg and Hanover.

Arriving with ease

As the department responsible for MOIA’s operations, we deliver the products developed by MOIA GmbH to our customers. We manage all these processes and put them into effect. While doing this, we make sure our service runs smoothly from pick-up to arrival.

Every one of us takes responsibility for  understanding our passengers’ needs. We want the MOIA experience to be exciting and magical – while, simultaneously, making our cities cleaner, less stressful and more livable places. We are a progressive and agile company, always open to new ideas and immediately able to  respond to changes when needed.

As we want everyone to be able to evolve and grow with us, we relyon flat hierarchies, efficient channels of communication and a warm and open atmosphere within our hubs and offices.. All this facilitates our work – and we believe this also makes all processes and every MOIA ride feel easy.

Can you picture yourself helping us on our mission to redefine mobility? If so, we look forward to receiving your application.

Your next stop

Whether behind the scenes or on the road, MOIA Operations Germany GmbH combines an incredible variety of jobs in order to safely bring passengers to their destinations every single day.

As a Driver you will be right there where cities need innovative and clean transport. Meanwhile, working at our depots as a Hub Manager, Driver Manager or Vehicle & Facility Manager, you ensure that all processes run smoothly. You will contribute to an environment where everyone can develop, where everything comes together perfectly and where our service always runs efficiently and customer-centric. 

While working in Customer Service at our hub center, you will help answer customer inquiries and keep improving our service. As a Driving Trainer you will coach our drivers to make sure the quality of our rides improves constantly. As a Service Agent or Shift Planner you will keep track of our administrative tasks and keep a general overview.

Are you curious to see what more is possible when it comes to urban mobility? Then perhaps, as our next Project Manager or Stop Manager, you will help us grow by planning new stops and hubs.

Wherever our shared journey goes, we could have the right job for you. You’ll find all the details in our job offers.

Working at MOIA

Over 1000 employees, over 900 of them are drivers, work for MOIA Operations Germany GmbH at either our head office or our depots. This is where our hubs, fleets and drivers are managed and our MOIAs are prepared and charged for the next day.

Our offices and depots in Hamburg and Hanover