Our mission at MOIA

This is how we develop our service, live responsibility and drive innovation.

At MOIA, we believe that ridepooling can make our cities better, safer and more beautiful places to live in. As a partner of the cities, we therefore work closely with public and private mobility partners to make urban mobility so demand-oriented, flexible and convenient that, together, the mobility revolution can succeed.


How we move forward

As a tech company, we see ourselves as part of complex urban mobility systems and their transformation. Autonomous driving is a key technology for us to accelerate the expansion of ridepooling. Technologically, scientifically - and in partnership.


What we offer

Convenient, cheap and environmentally friendly: Ridepooling is already making a significant contribution to the mobility revolution in cities. From operations to the app, when it comes to ridepooling with MOIA we think holistically and, together with the cities, make it a real alternative to owning a car.


How we act

At MOIA, we want to make mobility sustainable. That's why our MOIAs not only drive 100% electrically, with zero local emissions and fill up with green fuel. By promoting and planning local initiatives, we also work for social sustainability and a better life in cities.

Offering a turnkey solution for cities

Moving cities forward

In Hamburg, we are now part of the public transport system! But to fulfil the demand for highly flexible and available urban transportation, we need to scale our ridepooling fleet. Adding autonomous vehicles will be our next necessary step.