#movingcities­forward by reshaping urban mobility

How can we reshape urban transportation? Watch the video and learn why adding autonomous MOIAs will be our next necessary step.

Cities continuously face the challenge to optimize their public transport. With all-electric ridepooling, MOIA is actively transforming mobility by reducing private car traffic and emissions, and thus paying attention to urban and public transport needs. With success! In Hamburg, we have firmly established ourselves and are now part of the public transport system.  

But to fulfil the demand for highly flexible and available urban transportation, we need to scale our ridepooling fleet. Adding autonomous vehicles will be our next necessary step to make ridepooling more accessible to even more people. 

With a planned start of the autonomous driving journey in Hamburg in 2025, our task and goal is to ensure that the entire experience runs safely and smoothly: from passenger interaction to fleet management, powered by a complex process that gives all passengers the security and comfort they want. 

" To meet cities’ and people’s need for availability we need large fleets of vehicles. For that, ridepooling needs to become autonomous."

Sascha Meyer – CEO of MOIA

The vehicle independently needs to cope with braking, charging, parking and cleaning. We need to know if everyone on board is doing well. Additionally, the vehicle must be simple to book and arrive in no time, and offer a quick and secure check-in. Through these steps the autonomous journey can become a service with added value that factors in sustainability, like reducing CO2 emissions in cities.  
At the same time, the valuable expertise we’re gathering in Hamburg becomes a blueprint for other cities: By adapting to the individual circumstances of cities and customers, we can offer a tailored solution at all levels.