Sustainable for us and our planet

We take ecological and social responsibility for more sustainability and a better life in cities.

At MOIA, we want to make mobility sustainable. Ridesharing as a concept has set itself the goal of using shared rides to reduce road traffic in cities and thus reduce CO2 emissions, local particulate matter or noise emissions and the space consumed by parking spaces. But we are doing much more to make our cities even greener and even better places to live in.

In order to assume social and ecological responsibility for more sustainability, we have developed the drive.change programme. With guidelines and tools, it gives us a framework that helps us make better decisions and achieve our sustainability goals faster. As a regularly repeating cycle, the programme comprises five phases:

Our sustainability framework at a glance

We think, plan and fuel ecologically

We want to have a positive impact on the environment. That's why our MOIAs not only drive 100% electrically, with zero local emissions and fill up with green fuel. We have also defined our ecological goals in an Environmental Compliance Management System. Part of this system is to commit ourselves with the goTOzero environmental strategy of Volkswagen AG and the two-degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement  and reduce our carbon footprint to zero by 2050.

In accordance with the standards of the GHG Protocol and the ISO standards, we measure our eco-balance over the entire life cycle of our services, avoid and reduce emissions in all our operational processes and have already got involved in climate compensation with climate protection projects such as GROW MY TREE.

Our fleet is powered by 100% green electricity

Thus, there are many ways in which we are getting closer and closer to our environmental sustainability goals: For example, in the hubs of our fleets, where we are improving resource efficiency by reducing waste, reducing water consumption through water treatment and charging our MOIAs in Hamburg and Hanover with 100% green electricity from Hamburg Energie. Since 2021, the energy supplier has carried the "Green Electricity" label - meaning that it sells "real" green electricity and follows the highest environmental standards. And even when we expand our charging network to include providers such as Vattenfall and Telekom, we make sure that we fill up with pure green electricity.

With an efficient digital infrastructure, a paperless office, a consistent waste separation and many other measures, we are also paving the way for our Green Office. And with sustainability training for all MOIA employees, the promotion of alternative means of transport and the renunciation of company parking spaces and company cars, we are already taking the next important step.

We support local initiatives for a sustainably better life in the city

We take action for a better life in the cities

Corporate responsibility has been our driving force for as long as we have existed. Sustainable commitment therefore goes beyond our own service and is defined with clear goals and areas of action in our Corporate Responsibility Guidelines*. We are also involved in four of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (09, 11, 13, 17) and are committed to climate-friendly mobility for sustainable cities, industries and infrastructures, among other things.

We also promote social sustainability by supporting local initiatives that work for a better life in the city in the long term. We even get involved in campaigns for Environment Day or sustainable events such as the Green City in Hamburg. And beyond that, we rely on regular dialogue with our stakeholders to create a common awareness of current sustainability issues, to share knowledge - and to grow together as a result. 

Good to know

*) Find more insights about our Corporate Responsibility Guidelines.

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