All in your time

Did you know? You can pre-book your MOIA for later and plan the ride to your flight, appointment or evening concert in advance. Try it out now!  


Perfectly easy 

Pre-book in the app, pay right away and hop in at the requested time.

Relaxed planning 

Pre-book in advance and plan your day ahead with no stress.

Secure a MOIA

Have more certainty that you will get a MOIA at the desired time you want.
Go when you want 

Pre-book now for later

You know exactly when you want to depart or arrive? Simply pre-order your MOIA – for both MOIA Classic and MOIA Express. This not only allows you to plan with greater security – it also gives you greater certainty that you will get a MOIA and reach your destination feeling relaxed. Try it out now! Now we’ll show you how easy it is to pre-book a ride in your app.

1st step 

Let’s go! Request booking

Open your MOIA app and make a booking request as usual. In your ride offer overview, you will see Ride later now displayed as an extra option. By the way, you can pre-book a ride for both MOIA Classic and MOIA Express.

2nd step 

Select pick-up or arrival time 

Select the day and the desired pick-up or arrival time you want. You can pre-book a ride at least one hour before the ride begins, and not right before the start or end of our service hours.

Did you know? You can also select your desired arrival time if you want to book your ride immediately. 

3rd step 

Pre-book a ride 

Pre-book your ride. The confirmation shows you that your booking has been successful. We’ll tell you exactly where we will pick you up about an hour before your ride begins.  

Download the app. And prebook your first ride.

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