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Moin Hamburg.

We take you stress-free through the most beautiful city in the world. Share your trip with others and help to relieve road traffic and protect the environment. This is your very personal contribution to keep Hamburg as worth living as we love it.

Our business area covers the entire city centre and also extends from Wellingsbüttel to Groß Flottbek and from Fühlsbüttel to Horn. No matter whether you want to go to the office, go shopping in the city, to the airport or go home from a party - you save yourself from searching for a parking space, changing trains and get to your destination comfortably and relaxed.

Booking a ride is also easy: Because you order your MOIA conveniently via app. Advantage for you: Even before boarding, you know the travel time, the costs and pay with a simple finger-swipe. Directly after your booking, a MOIA sets off and picks you up. What are you waiting for? Try it out and book your MOIA!

Service area Hamburg

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The MOIA fleet
in Hamburg

We launched with a fleet of 100 electric vehicles that will continue to grow in
number throughout the year. MOIA vehicles have been especially designed to meet
all the needs and preferences of ride-sharing passengers as fully as possible.

MOIA drives through a tunnel in Hamburg  Interior view of a MOIA  Interior view of a MOIA USB connect in a MOIA Luggage in MOIA

The new MOIA vehicles offer you

  • quiet, emission-free electric mobility
  • six seats with privacy and plenty of legroom
  • an electric door to make getting in easier
  • free Wi-Fi and USB ports

Mobility and care

As a partner of MOIA, CareDriver offers a mobility service with personal support, effectively from hand to hand.

The company has set the goal of supporting parents and relatives in taking the best possible care of their children, as well as senior citizens and people with disabilities. CareDriver support helps make everyday life easier in a meaningful and reliable way.

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