MOIA in Hamburg: One ride for free

Hamburg, on
April 15 we get going!

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MOIA meets you in:

Business district

Hamburg is entering a new era of mobility. From the 15th of April we will drive you to many parts of Hamburg: from Wellingsbüttel to Groß Flottbek? From Fuhlsbüttel to Horn? No problem! Of course, the inner city area is completely covered.

By September, you can also enjoy MOIA in an expanded service area.


You can use MOIA at the following service times:

Monday to Wednesday 
5.00 to 1.00

Thursday 5.00 to Sunday 6.00

10.00 to 24.00

MOIA Geschäftsgebiet Hamburg

The MOIA fleet
in Hamburg

On April 15 we will launch a fleet of 100 electric vehicles that will continue to grow in
number throughout the year. MOIA vehicles have been especially designed to meet
all the needs and preferences of ride-sharing passengers as fully as possible.

MOIA drives through a tunnel in Hamburg  Interior view of a MOIA  Interior view of a MOIA USB connect in a MOIA Luggage in MOIA

The new MOIA vehicles offer you

  • quiet, emission-free electric mobility
  • six seats with privacy and plenty of legroom
  • an electric door to make getting in easier
  • free Wi-Fi and USB ports