"When something is fun, you feel it."

Our head designer Tim Giesler tells us what he’s learned from the aeronautics industry — and why he wants everybody to be able to get to work as quickly and easily as he does.

How would you explain your job to your grandmother?

I’m helping cities to get rid of traffic jams, noise, and air pollution. Because in the end, that’s what this is all about. Specifically, I’m the Head of Design and responsible for the appearance and usability of our app and our vehicles. It’s especially important to me that digital booking and physical transportation are a pleasant, seamless experience for our users.

Where did you work before MOIA?

I ran my own start-up, a travel app. For me as a software person, it’s an exciting challenge to participate in hardware development and see an idea take physical shape in the real world. What does the vehicle look like? How do the materials feel? It’s very motivating to work with these talented engineers.

Where do you look to for inspiration in your work?

There are a number of aeronautics projects I like because the website, app, lounge, and vehicle interior all have a very uniform design. But even the best design isn’t good enough if the plane doesn’t show up on time.

What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing right now?

Recruiting. We haven’t been able to fill all of our positions yet. So although I’m the Head of Design, I’m also performing a few interim roles and spending a lot of time coordinating with freelancers. That’s cool because I’m learning a lot. But over the long term, it’d definitely be too much to handle.

Who is a good fit for you, what skills do they need, and what should their attitude be like?

You don’t necessarily need automotive industry experience to work at MOIA. What’s more important is a passion for the environment and the future of tech. We don’t have a finished product yet, but I can tell that our mission resonates with people. And that’s a good feeling.

What’s an average workday like for you?

I take the bus from right in front of my door to our Hamburg office — it’s a ten-minute ride. That’s a luxury. My dream is for everybody to be able to get around that quickly and easily. That’s what keeps me going. We’ve got a very relaxed atmosphere at our office. Sure, we sometimes spend our leisure with each other and also have a football team; but what's really important for our success is that we are a diverse and creative group and that we're all on the same page. I think you can tell if a product was created by team that enjoys their work by the way it loo