The next Level

When was the last time you had the chance to design your dream car? Probably as a kid with crayons and a piece of paper – or during a conversation with MOIA at its Co-Creation Days. This second event was our moment of truth. What would people think about our implementation? Had we understood them correctly? “It’s extremely important to get authentic feedback,” says Ebi Gömek, who leads Driving at MOIA.

That’s why management consultants and researchers have been talking about the “era of the empowered consumer” for some time now. Never before have the opinions of customers and buyers wielded as much power as they do today. At MOIA we think it’s a crime to not tap into this giant pool of knowledge. Because the people who were there not only had very specific ideas about what the transportation of the future should look like, they were also astonishingly detail-oriented. Nothing was spared – from the design of seat cushions to the position of the interior display.