The big picture

The COO of MOIA Robert Henrich is a computer nerd and wants to change the metropolises of the world with smartphones, algorithms and electromobility.

MOIA COO Robert Henrich is a computer nerd who’s trying to change the world’s cities via smartphones, algorithms, and electromobility. Despite this he’s always talking about some “green meadow” where he feels so at home. What the metaphor stands for is working in startup mode: total freedom to act, with no roadblocks or shackles to tie you down.

This isn’t the first mobility startup Robert Henrich has built. “During the chaos of the initial phase, companies are particularly efficient,” he says. “You have a small team, extremely focused on the objective, no complex processes.” But this doesn’t mean that Henrich has blind trust in technology.

Recent studies forecast that 50 million robotic automobiles will be produced globally in 2030. In this video Henrich explains why autonomous driving could make our traffic problems even worse. “We have to figure out a way to transport multiple individuals with a single vehicle — and increase the efficiency of the system.” An OECD study revealed that three ride-pooling vehicles could replace up to 100 private vehicles. Henrich can’t hide some pride when he talks about seeing his “new products on the street right away”. If MOIA is successful, cities are going to change. Maybe they will even look a bit like a green meadow.