A new vehicle for a new era

Exactly one year after the launch of MOIA we are introducing our all-new electric vehicle – specifically designed for ride sharing.

On the left-hand side of the MOIA vehicle’s rear door there’s a long handrail to enable passengers to get on and off more easily. That may sound trivial but it was important to us. Assistance in boarding, more luggage space, USB charging points at every seat: the shiny handrail is just one of many ideas our MOIA community came up with during the co-creation process for our ride-pooling vehicle. Other features include a reading lamp and leather seats, plenty of room for six passengers, and a chauffeur who follows an algorithm-based route. 

The MOIA vehicle is the ideal combination of personal space and public travel, intimacy and mobility.

Storage space, legroom, WLAN and charging sockets - this is how our new MOIA vehicle looks from the inside.

At Techcrunch Disrupt in Berlin we’re finally showcasing our co-created vehicle. “Exactly a year ago, we started off with the vision of solving urban transportation problems like traffic jams and noise,” says MOIA CEO Ole Harms. Ambitious goals indeed! And 2017 was a wild, challenging, inspiring, sometime really hard and exhausting year. With deadlines, breakthroughs and all-night sessions. But we’ve certainly achieved a lot.

Our MOIA team has grown from just a few to about a hundred. Since May 2017 we’ve been working with new colleagues in Finland. And we completed a service test in Hannover with 30,000 journeys. All this is what we want to celebrate today.



But best of all, MOIA will make your life better – even if you never travel with us. It’s an innovation that’ll benefit everyone who lives in a city.  


Our ride-pooling service will be launched in 2018 in Hamburg. The all-electric MOIA vehicle is extremely quiet and generates no emissions locally. Passengers enter their departure point and desired destination via our app. An algorithm identifies passengers with similar destinations, calculates the best possible route, ensures higher vehicle utilization and avoids detours. The outcome is fewer vehicles on city streets along with less dirt, noise and stress. An OECD mobility study revealed that three ride-pooling vehicles could replace up to a hundred cars. “We’ve set ourselves the goal of taking more than a million cars off the roads in Europe and the USA by 2025,” Ole Harms says.

Our fully electric MOIA vehicle is specifically designed for ride-sharing.

The vehicle was designed and developed in just ten months by MOIA, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, and Volkswagen Osnabrück. It has a range of over 300 km and can be charged to 80% in just over half an hour. Before long, this vehicle will be out and about on Hamburg’s streets – as the avant-garde of a new form of mobility.

This year, sharing has become very much an everyday experience. As a matter of course we share tools, apartments and cars with friends and strangers. But all these objects and spaces were built for a different age. Although travel and ways of working have changed, the system still grates and grinds while offering little convenience or comfort. Our MOIA vehicle, in contrast, was designed for this sharing age – something you notice in each and every detail.

The first impression is just how much space there is. No need to bend over to reach your seat – even the love seat right at the back. If you don’t care much for dirty streets or the subway’s neon lighting, you’ll particularly appreciate the high-quality flooring and pleasant ambience of our vehicle’s LED lighting. The interior has been designed to suit our users’ needs and wishes. After all, some days you want to be on your own; on others you feel like a chat. Another key feature is that you always know where you are and how far you’ve got on your MOIA journey. Your vehicle has a powerful Wi-Fi connection and the route of your temporary carpooling community is displayed on the big screen.

Easy entry, highest comfort and fast arrival.

We can’t wait to find out what our users think about our vehicle. Your feedback is what counts most to us. “Many ideas have already been integrated into the development of this vehicle,” says MOIA COO Robert Henrich. “But parallel to this, we’re also working on future versions of the vehicle.” We’ve come a long way in 2017. 2018 will be even better. 

Isn’t that a good reason to party?