Our tests in Hamburg have entered their final stages

Starting in January, we have been driving 10 MOIAs through the streets of Hamburg. We are thoroughly testing our service and our vehicles, so that we can offer you the perfect ride-sharing service to your destinations in Hamburg in a couple of weeks. We are in the middle of the crucial testing phase and can promise you: “It won’t be long, we'll be right there”.

Last week we visited the MOIA hub in Hamburg and talked to some of the MOIA employees to ask them how the test was going. And they had all the same answer: most processes work very well; and they improve with each test and every passing day. And there is one more point we all agree on: we can’t wait for MOIA to finally get started in Hamburg.

However, what were all these tests about? First of all, we had to find out if our processes and procedures, as well as our pooling algorithm that we established in Hannover, works effortlessly in Hamburg, too. 

And the tests show that it does. But still, there are special circumstances that need to be considered, such as Sierichstraße. This street in Hamburg changes direction depending on the time of day.

Day-to-day, several MOIA employees test the app from the customer’s perspective by using the active MOIAs in Hamburg just like you will be able to use them. “It makes you happy to meet colleagues in a MOIA and realise the pooling works,” says our colleague Jannik from the Trip Booking team.

The app should also be convenient for drivers. “A lot of features work very well already and are easy to handle for the drivers,” explains Asli, who is – together with her team – in charge of the MOIA drivers’ vehicle guidance app. “On the other hand, there were some things we assumed were right but which are not convenient enough for the drivers to use. We test extensively for insights such as these.”

In addition to these factors we also tested our Virtual Stop Network. Where can MOIAs stop in the city without causing any problems? Our testers have been driving all around Hamburg for the last few weeks to see how well the virtual stops operate in traffic. They check whether the traffic can still flow with the stopping vehicle, whether the passengers can board without danger and, of course, whether we adhere to the road traffic regulations while stopping. 

Our start in Hamburg is approaching, the challenges of the test operation are decreasing and the system is already functioning (almost) perfectly. So it's about time to finally get started. We can hardly wait and look forward to seeing you, Hamburg.