Our first days

The past days have been very intense for our team
and at the same time full of joy and nice encounters.

The past days have been very intense for our team and at the same time full of joy and nice encounters. Since Monday we are finally on the streets of Hamburg. We have already traveled thousands of times with you and are happy about all your love and positive feedback from each and every one of you.

Many of our colleagues from various departments of MOIA are personally sharing the ride with you in one of the MOIAs during the first weeks, asking for your feedback and answering your questions. Some of them you might have met in different spots in the city. At our small booths you could inform yourself and get to know MOIA in detail, before booking your first ride.

What we are really happy about: You love our vehicle, many praise our friendly and nice drivers and enjoy the quiet ride and the generous space. What is particularly amazing is that so many of you have already shared a ride with someone else.

We also know that some things are not working yet. And sometimes there was trouble.

Some of you have not had a chance to test us because we are regularly fully booked. As much as we are pleased that so many of you want to ride with us: We had not expected such a high demand in the first few days and our fleet is simply too small to serve all requests in a meaningful way. For our first upcoming weekend, we expect that often there will be no vehicle available in the evenings. We just have to ask you for your patience: Our fleet of vehicles is getting bigger by the day, so we can actually pick up all those who want to travel with us.

Sometimes it also causes concerns, because it seems to be a long waiting time or seems incomprehensible, why the algorithm has chosen e.g. a vehicle on the other side of the city: Our main goal is to get you to your destination as fast as possible. But also, we want to cause as little traffic as possible and combine rides with a shared destination. In the example just mentioned, it could be that the vehicle is currently occupied by a passenger who wants to get off in your area and it was therefore selected. Or the passenger who already sits in the MOIA, for example, has a similar destination to yours.

Again, we ask you for your patience: with each additional vehicle in the fleet and each additional MOIA user, we will bring you faster to your shared destinations. Each vehicle and each user will increase the likelihood that a person near you wants to reach a similar destination in the city.

We are already starting to grow today. Every week more drivers and vehicles are being added. By the end of the year, 500 MOIAs will be on the streets in Hamburg. Five times as many as today.

We thank you for your patience. We thank you for these first days.

Thank you for sharing your rides with us.