One Crossing – 1000 Stories

People, cultures and stories meet in the middle of the capital. Where are they going? Where do they come from? And why are they in Berlin anyway? Here are some of the thousands of stories that collide here day after day at the intersection of Wilhelmstraße and Unter den Linden in Berlin

Matthias Eckberger, 21, student & Michel Da Silva, 24, retail manager


Where are you coming from? Stuttgart.
Where you going? The Olympic Stadium.
What do you like about this intersection? Both of us are here in Berlin for the first time. At this intersection you’ve got everything a big city needs: people from all over the world; noise; music; lots of history; little adventures. We could stand here and watch forever. Both of us have Brazilian and Swabian roots. We love Stuttgart. But Berlin reminds us of Rio. Well, it does now with the sun shining…


Andreas Berger, 57, taxi driver

Where are you coming from? Tegel Airport.
Where you going? That depends on my next customer.
What do you like about this intersection? I wait here fairly often in my taxi. There aren’t that many big open spaces right in the middle of the city like this. It’s such a great place to watch tourists and see how they view my Berlin. And if I’m lucky, there will be some sort of demonstration or event in front of the Brandenburg Gate. That’s when things get exciting, which is cool. But I have to quit tonight at 7 ’cos I’ve got to go to my meditation group. Even I need a break sometimes!


"To me, this is the heart of Europe. There’s so much history here. But so much future as well."


Manuel Barcena, 30, tourist guide

Where are you coming from? Cádiz.
Where you going? I’m staying here.r
What do you like about this intersection? To me, this is the heart of Europe. There’s so much history here. But so much future as well. I mean, Germany is doing well. It’s different here than in Spain. There’s no future there for young people. So I explain to people from my home country what this country is about as, more and more, it becomes my new home.


Claus Person, 48, manager & Sung Kwon Kim, 41, enigneer


Where are you coming from? Our hotel.
Where you going? All over Berlin. 
What do you like about this intersection? This is the heart of the city for me. I just told my friend Sung Kwon that. He’s in Germany for the first time. He lives in South Korea. I’m from Sweden, but I have lived in Berlin for a few years now. We got to know each other through work and had wanted to meet here for a long time. Because like I always say: This is the most moving place in all of Europe. Look, my friend, over there! That was the border!


Leni Gugg, 21, student & Zora Bleicher, 21, student

Where are you coming from? Vienna.
Where you going? The Reichstag.
What do you like about this intersection? This is all a little bit too touristy for us. We’re in Berlin for the weekend and we thought that before we hit the shops and the clubs, we should at least take a look at the most important places. You know, the big tourist attractions parents will ask us about. I guess it’s pretty impressive. But also very stressful.



Mustafa “Cäsar” Kisi, 60, curry sausage vendor

Where are you coming from? The real Berlin.
Where you going? Onward and upward
What do you like about this intersection? Everyone buys a curry sausage here. 40 percent of the customers are some kind of rich people, VIPs, the Adlon crowd, government people. The other 40 percent are tourists. And then there are the 20 percent welfare recipients – that’s what I call them, the people from some dark corner of the city, because this is like a vacation to them without having to travel anywhere. I only speak English to everyone. That makes it easier. That way I don’t have to switch back and forth. Before I started working here four years ago, I had a stand at a US Army hospital in Berlin. So I’m used to chatting in English.