One destination, up to three offers

We are improving our booking process for you.

To give you even more flexibility when planning your trip, you can now choose from up to three offers. These may have different pick-up and arrival times as well as prices, giving you the option to finish your coffee in peace and quiet – or to jump into your MOIA in a matter of minutes.

What’s changed for you?


Make your booking request as before. Simply enter your preferred pick-up point, destination, and the number of passengers.


What’s NEW? We will make up to three offers instead of one, each with different pick-up and arrival times. You can select the best option for you.


Once you have committed to your preferred trip by making a booking, we will send you a confirmation.

By the way: If you don’t see the new booking process yet, simply update your MOIA app.

From A for app to Z for zip around: Our Help Center shows you how the entire optimized booking process works.

See you on board!
The MOIA team