MOIA starts test phase in Hamburg

The first MOIA trip in Hamburg! So it starts in the Hanseatic city. Together with the HOCHBAHN and the city of Hamburg MOIA presented the new vehicles. Bit by bit the golden yellow MOIAs will become a part of the Hamburg cityscape during the final test phase until they go into public operation in April.

In a few months MOIA can be used by everyone in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Today marks the beginning of the last phase before the start and also the first ride of a MOIA vehicle in road traffic. By April, the fleet is to comprise 100 vehicles, which will extend the range of urban mobility with MOIA's algorithm-based ridesharing principle. 

Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation, MOIA Managing Directors Ole Harms and Robert Henrich as well as Henrik Falk, Chairman of the HOCHBAHN Board of Management, shared the first ride at the City Hall today. 

It is a special day for us. Hamburg is a global lighthouse project for us. Here we are optimizing our ridesharing service for efficient operation and the greatest possible traffic-relieving effect before we go out into the world. We offer a service from Hamburg - for Hamburg. Since the beginning of 2017, our team in Hamburg has been working on implementing Europe's largest fully electric ridesharing project. 

Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation in Hamburg, says: "Innovations are crucial to making mobility in Hamburg more environmentally friendly, quieter and safer. Ridesharing services close the gap between taxis and local public transport - individual journeys are reduced and urban traffic is relieved overall".

As the largest mobility provider in Hamburg, HOCHBAHN also plans to integrate MOIA into its own switchh platform.

Henrik Falk, CEO of HOCHBAHN Hamburg, makes it clear: "Our common goal is to use Hamburg's transport infrastructure, which has grown over centuries, more efficiently through greater electrification and digitization, to further develop it and to offer people an alternative to private cars. To this end, the new ridesharing service must be sensibly interlinked with Hamburg's existing mobility offerings. We are striving for a sales partnership with MOIA that includes the integration of MOIA into the switchh platform.

Switchh bundles the services of different mobility providers in Hamburg and offers users access via a single application. So far, in addition to public transport, Car- and Bike-Sharing and myTaxi are part of switchh.

The first big step onto the streets of Hamburg has been taken. Now we are looking forward to an exciting time and can hardly wait for the final launch in April.