Find your MOIA and share it

Soon, the waiting will be over: Starting in April, you can share your trips around Hamburg with MOIA. We're already on the beautiful streets of Hamburg with 10 MOIAs to prepare the start and run the final tests. Have you seen one of our yellow MOIAs yet?

It is worth keeping your eyes open. Because all of you, who spot a MOIA in Hamburg, take a picture and share it with the hashtag #meetMOIA on Twitter or Instagram, could make a MOIA their own.

Soon you can share your ride with MOIA, now you can share your picture

Among all shared pictures we will raffle special prizes

The 10 winners of the main prize will give their name to a MOIA. That means we'll be putting your first name on one of our MOIAs. This prize also includes an exclusive test drive with MOIA through Hamburg before the official start in April and a free MOIA ride after launch in April.

If you're not among the lucky ones, here's the next good news: 100 more participants in the competition will get a ride on MOIA for free.

So let's go: Go into town, take a picture of a MOIA, share the photo on Instagram or Twitter with #meetMOIA, follow the MOIA channels and keep your fingers crossed.

For more information and terms and conditions, click here: Teilnahmebedingungen


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