How the Volunteer Centre saves Christmas

We admit: We are fans!

We admit: We are fans! There are so many charitable actions worth supporting and the Volunteer Centre in Hanover makes it easier for people who want to make a difference to find the right project in which they can get involved. At Christmas they also enable MOIA to participate in a great project worth supporting.

In the ÜSTRA Customer Centre, 30 volunteers are committed to helping make Hanover a better place. More than 650 other citizens are placed in active aid projects every year. The volunteer centre also implements its own activities. At present, the work of the volunteer centre focuses on language promotion in kindergartens, on the transition from school to work for young people and on the integration of refugees. "In addition to the projects in the volunteer centre, there are around 1,000 possibilities in the urban area to choose from. There's something for everyone," says Managing Director Almut Maldfeld, describing the opportunities to become active in Hanover.

Especially at Christmas there are a lot of possibilities. We are allowed to support the Wunschbaum project, which is organised by the volunteer centre itself, with MOIA.

"This project aims at families, which live in precarious living conditions and can’t afford having presents underneath the christmatree“, explains project leader Dr. Kurt Kühnpast. "We would like to support these families and make them happy. The wishes of the children are particularly close to our hearts. Their wishes hang on our wish tree."

MOIA gratefully takes over probably one of the nicest parts of the Christmas campaign. We deliver the gifts with a MOIA. Just this time, the seats may remain empty, because we carry a lot of presents to give out.

For twelve years now, the Volunteer Centre has had the wish tree. With the help of private volunteers and companies, it gives presents to children from families for whom a Christmas gift under the Christmas tree is by no means a matter of course. Together with social workers it is ensured that the gifts end up in the right families who need the help most.

In the volunteer centre itself there is a tree on which the wishes of the children from these families hang. In addition to the usual children's wishes for toys, it is above all the little things that stand out for Kurt Kühnpast: "It is the simple wishes that remain in our memory, such as crayons, a clipboard or simply warm gloves.“

We at MOIA are very happy to be given the opportunity to be part of this beautiful project this year. Whoever wants to can still make their contribution. Just go to the volunteer centre in Hannover in the ÜSTRA customer centre, 2nd floor and talk to an employee there. On the wish tree you can choose a wish that you would like to fulfil. The gifts must then be delivered to the volunteer centre by 12 December at the latest.