Hanover, we're 50,000!

Our MOIA ridesharing service has been open for four months to all Hanoverians who want to use the service in the state capital.

Our ridesharing service MOIA has been open for four months for all Hanoverians who want to use the service in the state capital. And that's quite a lot: 50,000 to be exact! That makes almost every tenth Hanoverian a MOIA customer. We say thank you!

MOIA's test phase in Hanover lasted almost a year. The number of users remained limited to 3,500 during this time, but it was already clear that beyond these testers, many other Hanoverians were just waiting to finally be able to use MOIA. Four months after the launch, figures show how many Hanoverians really waited for the test phase to end. With 50,000 registered users, MOIA has now become an integral part of the city of Hanover. Every day around 500 new users register to help improve the traffic situation in Hanover.

And the development of our ridesharing service continues: the load factor of the vehicles is continuously increasing. At peak times, up to 60 percent of our journeys are now shared. The positive figures show us that MOIA is very well accepted by the Hanoverians and that ridesharing as part of the city's public mobility is working better and better.

MOIA started regular operation on 30 July this year with 55 vehicles in a 90 square kilometre service area. Since the start, we have continuously expanded our range and currently serve 110 square kilometres of the Hanover city area. The fleet will grow to 75 vehicles by mid-December and further expansion is planned for next year. With the expansion of the fleet, our service area will also be further expanded, so that even more Hannoverians can use MOIA.

And the more people use MOIA, the more trips will be shared. So each of the 50,000 users contributes a little bit to the fact that fewer and fewer single drivers are on the road. We would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting us at our start in Hannover and helping to give Hannover back to the people!