Great, better, 2019!

The turn of the year brings with it that you look back, but also forward. You are proud of the things that have been achieved over the past year. You also recapitulate what did not work and what you can learn from it. You remember all the beautiful moments in which one laughed, celebrated, worked hard. And while you sit together on the plans for 2019, you are already looking forward to what is coming there.

Our 2019 will be big: it is the moment we have all worked for the past months. MOIA will launch its all-electric ride-sharing service in Hamburg.

However, we do not want to close in 2018, without looking back to see what happened this year. We asked the MOIA team to summarize for us what they were proud of last year, what they are particularly fond of remembering and what moments they loved. Here is a selection:

  • "Finally we moved to our own offices in Berlin and Hamburg in 2018."
  • "That we have built a great team both in Hamburg and in Berlin - from around 90 to over 170 employees."
  • "The migration of the app to a completely new technical base and the many improvements in the front and back end we have implemented."
  • "That everyone here has a strong belief in our mission to make urban mobility and cities better."
  • "Our Christmas party and the spontaneous karaoke session."
  • "Quinn's first day in our office in Hamburg."

  • "The night when I was on pager duty and was awakened by the pager because we had too many ride requests. *Joy*"
  • "How we treat each other as a team and work together"
  • "The confusing thread on Slack when a Lenovo notebook arrived and nobody knew who it came from or where it was going."
  • "I think it's great that as a team we're always out there with the drivers and the customers, to see what works and what does not."
  • "The pride of reading articles about MOIA in the press."
  • "When I stood at Kröpke in Hanover with my family and saw the big MOIA banner."
  • "The fact that we already have over 50,000 registered users in Hanover is truly unbelievable."
  • "That we see that our service is being used more and more intensively - week by week."
  • "That customer feedback is consistently so positive and our error rates are already very low."

You see, 2018 was great for us. And that’s only the beginning. We can hardly wait for 2019 and our launch in Hamburg.