Free rides for the
fastest 5,000 users

You can try MOIA for free

On April 15th, we will start our ride-sharing service in Hamburg. For you that means it is time to prepare, download the app and register with MOIA. Now you are ready to start and MOIA will pick you up. No matter if you want to ride from Wintetrhude to St. Pauli or anywhere in between; of course this is your decision. But, you should start soon.

We have a present for you: you get the exclusive chance to try out our service for free. First come, first serve – the first 5,000 users that activate the voucher code MOINMOIA in the app, get the first trip with MOIA for free.

Here's the deal: download the app and register, enter MOINMOIA under "Vouchers" and you are ready to ride for free. If you are among the 5,000 fastest users who have activated the voucher code in their app, the first trip with MOIA is free.

The voucher code can be activated by a maximum of 5,000 users in the MOIA app until April 14th. If the voucher was used 5,000 times already, activation is no longer possible. The voucher code entitles the holder to a single trip in the Hamburg servicearea during our service hours between April 15th and April 30th.A credit card must be deposited in order to use the voucher code.

Update, March 15th, 1 pm: Only 12 hours after we announced our promotion, 5.000 of you already have already secured yourself a free ride. We can't wait for the launch with all of you!