Four bloggers for Hamburg

Mario, Charlotte, Thomas and Jenny show us the city

We want to make your journey in our MOIAs as pleasant as possible. But in the end it's not about the ride itself, it's about the places we take you to. We asked four different Hamburg bloggers about their favourite places in Hamburg and took them there together. Each of them presented his or her personal spot from their own perspective.

On the sunny launch day of MOIA we went on tour with model Mario Galla, interior expert Jenny, aka Elbgestöber, lifestyle blogger Charlotte Weise and photographer and blogger Thomas, aka Themodernleper. 

Thomas aka Themodernleper – Komponisten Quartier

As a photography blogger, Thomas knows the most beautiful photo spots in Hamburg. On the MOIA Tour he also had a photo in mind, having already imagined where he would place the MOIA directly into the scenery. The composer's quarter between Holstenwall and Stadthausbrücke may have escaped the attention of some Hamburgers thus far. Thomas stumbled over this place more or less by accident and suddenly found himself standing right in the middle of a magnificent photography spot. There's a good reason why the 18th-century facades surprise us so much: they don't actually belong there at all. The facades are not historical contemporary witnesses, but were merely reconstructed in this way. The Composers' Quarter mainly consists of a museum ensemble that deals with various famous German composers, but there are also living rooms in this small quiet oasis in the middle of the city.

Charlotte Weise – Pony Bar

Charlotte loves student life. What she particularly loves about it is the sometimes slightly hippie lifestyle that comes with studying. With this in mind, her favourite place in Hamburg is right in the middle of the University of Hamburg campus. She likes to spend time between seminars and lectures in the industrial-looking Pony Bar, which offers an excellent chocolate almond tart and a cappuccino. The café next to the Abaton cinema considers itself Hamburg's smallest cultural centre. Charlotte not only spends her breaks here, but also loves its living room atmosphere.

Mario Galla – Bismarckstraße

No café, no spectacular photo spot - model Mario Galla presents his quarter. There's not much to see in Bismarckstraße except a few residential buildings and the nearby Kaiser-Friedrich-Ufer. And yet we quickly realise why Mario brought us here. This is where his very personal piece of Hamburg history occurred. "My elementary school was right down there," he explains. His connection to this neighbourhood can be clearly felt. But the quarter wasn't always one of Hamburg's trendier areas. "That was just the way it was back then. You couldn't go in that direction, as it was dangerous." Nowadays this is hardly imaginable in this corner of Hamburg.

Jenny aka Elbgestöber – Museumshafen Övelgönne

Those who follow the blog Elbgestöber know the enviable view from Jenny's living room window. While she already has the best taste and style within her four walls, one’s attention is inevitably drawn to the harbour panorama in front of the window. So why does she present the museum harbour Övelgönne as her favourite place in Hamburg? After all, the museum harbour offers a very similar view to the one from her living room window. "You don't get tired of this," she explains. "It looks different every day. There are the seasons and times of the day, which always immerse the harbour in new lights and colours, and then there are events such as the harbour birthday, which enlivens the scenery in a completely different way”.

Our tour through Hamburg ended with the sinking sun over the masts of the museum ships. Each of the places was known to our participants in some way or other. On our round, everyone could see the places again through the eyes of the other participants and experience a little bit more of Hamburg. This is a principle that we see for MOIA as well. Share your trips and you will enjoy more of your city.