Finally home!

Recently we finally moved to our own office in Hamburg

Recently we finally moved to our own office in Hamburg. What we love about it? Actually everything. But we heart these 10 things in particular:


1. Our Paternoster: While we work on new things every day, we also love the good old technology. At MOIA, we still take the Paternoster to reach the first floor. And we've already tried it: You will survive going beyond the last floor. Or maybe not?

2. More room for each of us: We like each other a lot, but we still enjoy having more room. We grow with each day and it's good to have room to think - sometimes alone, sometimes together.

3. Fritz Cola for all: This drink brings Hamburg to the middle of our office: And man, it makes you awake!

4. Larger desks: Anyone who has a lot of work to do must be able to expand. And we can finally work standing up!

5. A kitchen with hotplates and an oven: Already so far, we have brought each other a lot of cake in the office (of course only home-baked). Now we can even cook for each other.



6. The Fleet: The view is fantastic. Of course, because Hamburg is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It also reminds one of our goal: we want to develop a great service for this city.

7. Our Community Space: It's the heart of our new office and makes room for all the big meetings, as well as the very small ones.

8. Colors, colors, colors: Even if it gets darker now - the positive mood remains.

9. Our arcade machine: Even on tough days we have fun. Our arcade machine offers distraction. But don’t worry – we are staying focused.

10. Uwe, our new office manager: Uwe, you rule this office! In the most positive way. Thank you for being with us.