Did you have a pleasant trip?

In autumn, our ridepooling team felt like a theatre ensemble just before the big premiere: stage fright, deadline panic, a tense audience.

This fall, our ride-pooling team felt like a theater troupe just before the big opening night. Stage fright, deadline panic, and a tough audience. After months of workshops and night shifts, the service test got underway in Hannover on October 4. The curtains went up and the first MOIA vehicles rolled down Germany’s streets. We asked ourselves: how will people react to our words, ideas, and designs?

It quickly became apparent that the stage fright was unfounded. Lots of people registered to take part in the service test. We provided thousands of trips in a very short time. The mood in the MOIA vehicles was outstanding. But we still wanted to know more — so we invited 30 users to Hannover for the third Co-Creation Day in early November. What annoys you? What has to improve? What do you dream of?
The answers are in the video below. 
“We can develop a lot of theories in the lab,” said Omer Yosha, UX Manager Vehicle, “but all that really matters is what the passenger wants.” At the beginning of the summer, we had two Co-Creation Days in Berlin where we had already gathered ideas and requests from our community. This feedback influenced the design of the app and vehicle. And it was the same in Hannover — if you blinked, you missed a good idea. There was everything from practical app features to wild visions of artificial intelligence and a ride-pooling disco. But the best sentences were the ones that start something like this:

“What I’ve always wanted is…”
“Could you maybe…”
“How about if there was…”

Thank you for everything. We are doing our very best.