#askMOIAanything: Your Questions about the MOIA vehicle

How does the cleaning actually work? Can I drive together with my child? What about music? We'll answer these and other questions here and now.

You ask, we answer. In #askMOIAanything we deal with changing topics around MOIA and answer the most frequently asked questions. This time it's about the vehicle itself.

How does the cleaning of MOIA vehicles work?

Many of you are enthusiastic about how clean our vehicles are. That doesn't happen by itself: Each vehicle is cleaned inside several times a day to be perfect for your MOIA journeys. At regular intervals, MOIA will also inform drivers at the start of their shift that, for example, a car wash is due again.


Are there barrier-free MOIAs for wheelchair users?

Not yet. At MOIA, we're working to provide mobility solutions for everyone in the city, and we're aware that this isn't yet fully the case. To achieve this goal, we are continuously developing the accessibility of our services - in the vehicle as well as in the app. We think in terms of different solutions for all situations; adaptations in our vehicles, such as additional handles, in the app, e.g. setting options such as different font sizes and special trainings for our drivers. We are also in constant contact with associations for people with disabilities. We know there is still a lot to do, but we are working hard to develop a great mobility service for everyone.


Why is there no music in a MOIA?

In Hanover we give hundreds of customers a ride through the city every day. And that makes us very happy. Each of you brings your own personality, and with it your own taste in music, its volume and style. One customer doesn't want music, the next likes Wanda and then maybe someone will want to listen to Britney Spears. If up to 5 people share a ride, it can end in conflict. That's why we deliberately decided not to offer music in our MOIAs for the time being. At the same time you know that we are constantly working on our product and service and are always trying out new solutions - also for the sound in our MOIAs.


Do MOIAs have Wifi?

In Hamburg we start our service with Wifi on board our MOIAs. This is currently not the case in Hanover. Also in Hanover we are continuously developing our service and the vehicles. As soon as we are offering Wifi in Hannover as well, we'll let you know.


Why don't you have an electric fleet in Hannover?

We are currently on the road in Hanover with the well-known, midnight blue VW T6 (petrol). Starting this summer we will gradually switch to electric cars. By 2020 at least 50 percent of our fleet will be electrified. By 2022, MOIA will use only electrically powered vehicles.


Do you have child seats in the MOIAs?

Yes, we also offer child seats for older children. When you book via the MOIA App, you can specify how many child seats you need for your journey. The seat will be booked, so you can be sure that your children will find a seat. 

Our MOIAs come with a total of two Group 3 child seats (22-36 kg). These can also be converted into Group 2 child seats (15-25 kg). Please let our driver know at the start of the journey which child seat group is required for your child. In our MOIA you'll find instructions to help you set up your child seat safely.

Children weighing less than 15 kg can also be carried in a MOIA, subject to sufficient seating, but only if you bring a suitable child seat or infant carrier that meets the applicable legal requirements. Child seats or baby seats with ISOFIX brackets or belts can be attached to a total of 4 seats in our vehicle.