#askMOIAanything: Your questions about our drivers

Today it will be all about our drivers.

We're moving on to the next round of questions. Today it will be all about our drivers. Who is behind the wheel? Do they have a passenger transport licence? We'll answer your most frequent questions about MOIA drivers.


I heard MOIA drivers don't talk to the passengers. Is that true?

The "Don't talk to the driver while driving" sign from buses is familiar to almost everyone. We handle it similar to public transport buses. Even though our drivers enjoy talking to you, the safety of our passengers is our top priority. That's why we encourage our drivers to avoid talking to customers during the journey on the basis of the legal framework. This is to minimise distraction and the risk of accidents. Of course the drivers will be happy to answer your questions.


How safe is MOIA?

Our drivers need a passenger transport licence and we train them specifically for our rides-haring service. There is an intensive training phase and driving safety training for each driver. We also require a police clearance certificate. Our drivers are employed by MOIA and start and finish their shift in one of our hubs. There they also take over the vehicles. We do not employ freelance drivers. Nevertheless, we are constantly reviewing our safety concept so that we can always guarantee the highest possible safety for you.


How does MOIA hire drivers?

Our goal is to hire all drivers directly. In order to have enough drivers, especially in the early days in Hanover, we also covered part of our needs with a personnel service provider. Those who work at MOIA work with the secure feeling of an unlimited employment contract. The drivers can plan their working hours flexibly, both full-time and part-time. There are fair surcharges for night (25%), Sunday (50%) and holiday shifts (100%).


How long does the driver wait for the passenger?

As you share your journey with others at MOIA, it is important for us not to allow any avoidable delays. That's why our drivers wait around 15 seconds. Before we start, we give you an arrival time for your trip, which we keep to. In addition, we don't want to obstruct the rest of the traffic by waiting MOIAs. But don't worry: you'll always make it to the virtual stop in time.


How do I become a MOIA driver?

MOIA isn't just a job for our drivers: For many, it's exciting to be part of something completely new, too no, and to work on one of the great mobility concepts of the future right from the start. The basic requirement is that you are at least 21 years old and have had an EU driving licence for at least 2 years. Here you can find out more about the profession of a driver at MOIA and apply directly: https://www.moia.io/driver/