Hanover, we love you!

A love letter to Hanover

Hannover, when we started our joint ride in October 2017, we did not know what would happen. Would it just be a quickie? Would there only be a few beautiful moments each of us goes their own way? Just test the algorithm and that's it?

We already knew you casually. We had heard a lot. But we had not thought at the time that you and your inhabitants would blow us away. Until today, you have already shared your rides with MOIA over 200,000 times. That's why you were probably not really surprised, when we proposed to you.

We are so happy that you accepted our proposal and gave us a license to operate. We can’t wait for the day, when we will fully open up to you and make our app available to all your residents. Of course, that's a huge change that we must get used to first and plan it carefully. And the seed of our tender love must grow slowly and sustainably.

We promise you and your residents more shared rides. And we promise you that we will stay. It will be a wonderful future. 

We are happy that we are truly together now. 
Hannover, we love you.

xoxo MOIA