A day with MOIA

Every day at 5 am, 20 MOIA vehicles leave the company grounds at Podbielskistraße. Whereas bus or train drivers travel pre-determined routes, MOIA drivers have no idea where the coming hours will take them. New guests, new pooling groups, new routes. Every day is a new adventure.

In the fall of 2017, MOIA completed over 30,000 trips in Hannover.
“Whether it’s the algorithm, design of the app, or vehicle maintenance,” says Moritz Mohr, a field operation supervisor at MOIA, “we’re learning new things every day.”
This video gives you an inside look at the MOIA service test. We accompany drivers on their travels through the city and ask passengers about their experiences with ride pooling. MOIA is on the road from 5 am to midnight. Depending on the time of day — rush hour, lunch, after work, nightlife — very different types of people use the service. “It’s easy to strike up a conversation,” says Marcelo Salinas, a MOIA driver. “A lot of times you talk about the ride-pooling service itself. It’s fun to be a part of something new.” But one big question remains: if the way people travel from A to B changes, will cities themselves change too?