Why it’s easier to fill more vehicles

Many of you ask us one question: Why doesn’t MOIA pick me up when, a minute later, a MOIA drives past me, empty or with just one occupied seat?

Currently, we can look back on over 60,000 trips in Hamburg. The pooling rate is over 60 percent. That is the proportion of trips where two or more people share their ride. Of course we are happy about that. At the same time, the requests we receive via the app are many more. As a result, we can not pick up many of you yet. But why is that, when not all seats are filled?

If you order a MOIA, you will not get a fixed time of arrival from us, but we will specify a time slot in which you will arrive at your destination. The reason: A time slot gives us the opportunity to confirm newly incoming rides and keeps us flexible. It enables us to travel with you and spontaneously pick up passengers who have a similar route to you. I.e., we already include the time for a possible detour to pick up a passenger in advance. This allows you to rely on arriving within a certain time slot. If a passenger's route matches the route of a previously ordered trip, WITHOUT endangering their time of arrival, these trips will be bundled in one MOIA. If the acceptance of the further trip request means too much detour and would jeopardize the arrival time of an already existing passenger, we do not accept this trip request.

The principle of our algorithm: It compares routes - from beginning to end - with each other, and not just the pickup point or the destination. It bundles trips, if it makes sense for all passengers involved. So it can happen that a (seemingly) empty MOIA drives past you while you are not getting a ride yourself: A passenger has already booked it, with a route that does not fit yours in a way that he or she would arrive at their destination in time.

To improve the situation and fill our vehicles even more, we will expand our fleet. That sounds contradictory, but the explanation is quite simple.

The more MOIAs are distributed in the city, the more rides we will be able to serve, and the higher the likelihood that two trip requests and their routes can be combined in a timely manner. This means more people are sharing the ride and we can use our vehicles more heavily than before. The demand is already so high that we could make a multiple of the current rides - it’s only that the vehicles are missing. The first weeks in Hamburg have shown that 100 vehicles in the current business area of ​​200 square kilometers are clearly too few to be able to serve the large number of trip requests and optimally bundle all of them. We could already use 500 vehicles with several passengers with the very high number of travel requests.

In the coming weeks, we will increase the fleet as planned - initially to the number of 200 vehicles set by the Administrative Court of Hamburg. However, according to our calculations, the experience of the past few weeks and the customer base that is growing daily by several thousand people, we assume that in the future we will need significantly more than the 200 vehicles in order to be able to offer an optimal pooling service. We therefore hope that the OVG will quickly come to a decision that will allow us to put the number of 500 vehicles already approved by the authorities on the road. Hamburg is waiting for the service of MOIA.

Even though we are very happy about the thousands of rides that we have shared with you since the beginning: every passenger we have to leave standing at the moment hurts us. Not only because we want to offer you a reliable, safe and good ride-sharing service. In order to be able to offer our service in a sustainable way, we are also keen to fill every seat in our vehicles and make every trip possible. Thank you for your patience. We are on it.