Two weeks in Hamburg
without a car

A challenge for blogger Anna Frost and her family

Anna Frost ditches her own car for two weeks for MOIA - with two young children. How well does it work in Hamburg? And what will change in her mobility behaviour?

Anyone who has a car likes to use it. We at MOIA understand that, too. But we also know that you quickly lose sight of when you really need a car urgently and when you can do without it quite well. In the city, it's usually easier than you think.

But what does this look like in everyday practice? And above all: What does it look like with two young children? We challenge the Hamburg family blogger Anna Frost to give up her own car for two weeks.

Her husband Jakob is also on board and has to cope with everyday life without his own car. So the entire four-person family is involved. We want to see how they cope and how well the combination of bus, train, taxi, city bike, car sharing and of course MOIA can reduce the number of trips in their own car in the city.


With her two little children, the difficulty level is increased. "For me, the No-Car-Challenge will be a big challenge, because with two kids you're always on the move and have a lot to get done, which isn't always within walking distance: ballet lessons, KiTa, KiTa settling in with the youngest one, professional appointments all over the city, weekly shopping, etc. It is not impossible, but with your own car you become comfortable and you plan differently. But there's no question about it, we'll jump headlong into the experiment and let ourselves be surprised."

Anna Frost and her family face the challenge with excitement. During the two weeks they are supposed to get around without their own car, they keep us updated about Instagram, how everyday life is with two children and without a car in Hamburg and what role MOIA plays in their mobility mix.

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