These are our ten #meetMOIA winners

We sent the people of Hamburg on a mission. Find a MOIA, share it with the hashtag #meetMOIA and you can can name a MOIA. This week we announced the ten winners and invited them to our hub to get to know their MOIA.

We've been testing our MOIAs in Hamburg since the beginning of January to make sure everything is perfect for when the service starts next Monday. And even though no regular passengers have been able to ride in these new electric MOIAs yet, they have been the source of much fascination on the streets of Hamburg so far.

Every day we received photos of MOIAs on Instagram and Twitter. Those who sent us their picture with the hashtag #meetMOIA got the chance to have their name as a sponsor a MOIA. We still see #meetMOIA photos in Instagram stories every day, even though the competition has finished.

Our winners got a tour this week, where they learned everything about the MOIA hub and later got to know about the interior of the MOIAs in more detail. They were very interest to find out more, asking many questions, but of course everyone only wanted one thing: to finally take a ride in a MOIA for themselves.

Sven named the MOIA "Elisa" after his girlfriend

Everyone was able go for a ride in their "own" MOIA. Then there was a photo shoot with the ‘godparents’ and their MOIAs before returning home – naturally, in a MOIA.

We are very happy about the active participation of those involved and about our ten very special named MOIAs and their godparents.

From April 15th, you can discover Svante, Larissa, Frank, Peter, Philip John, Nick, Elisa, Andreas, Hannes and Gunnar on the streets of Hamburg and ride along yourself.