#askMOIAanything – The most important questions about the Hamburg launch

Here we have listed and answered the five most important questions.

Many people in Hamburg have been sharing their rides with us for a few weeks now. They enjoy riding with MOIA because it‘s a new service and different to what they're familiar with. Of course, that raises a lot of questions. On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we give our best to answer them. Some questions about our ride-sharing service are particularly noticeable because they keep coming up again and again. We have listed and answered the five most important questions.

Can I take luggage with me?

Since we also ride you to the airport in Hamburg, this question comes up very often. You can take hand luggage with a weight of up to 10 kg and with maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm and a small bag with maximum dimensions of 35 x 20 x 20 cm into our MOIA. So you can bring a piece of hand luggage with you if you can stow it safely in your seating area without hindering or endangering other passengers. Depending on availability, there is some space for large luggage in the baggage compartment next to the entrance. Mutual consideration is the best guarantee that all passengers feel safe and comfortable in a MOIA, even with luggage on board. However, our driver has the chance to decide what luggage can be taken along and what is not allowed to be carried in a MOIA.

I heard about a court order. What does this decision actually change now?

A single taxi entrepreneur tried to stop the start of MOIA in Hamburg. For some days now, the Administrative Court of Hamburg has made a decision in this regard. The decision states that we may initially expand our fleet to a maximum of 200 vehicles. This doesn’t change anything fundamental for you. We will continue to share rides for you as usual. Nevertheless, 200 vehicles are not a long-term solution for us. We will file a complaint against this decision to the next higher authority and hope that it will confirm the legality of the Authority's original approval. We are still convinced that reliability, service quality, pooling quota and the resulting relief effects for traffic in the city will only increase with the size of our fleet. For example, a city-wide service is not yet possible with only 200 vehicles.

Why is my district / suburb is not in the service area?

In order to provide a good service, it is important that there is sufficient demand. If the service area would be too large or the number of vehicles too small, arrival and waiting times would increase. In addition, the access to locations outside of Hamburg requires separate permits from the individual municipalities. By September 2019, however, we will have extended our service area to the city borders in several parts of Hamburg. For more detailed information, please have a look at our article on the service area in Hamburg.

Can you tell how much MOIA will cost after the 5 Euro promotion, which ends on 12.05.2019?

The price for your MOIA ride will be ranged between a public transport ticket and the equivalent taxi ride. We have calculated an average value of 6 to 7 Euro per trip. Of course, your ride can also be cheaper or slightly higher for longer distances. In any case, you will see the exact costs of your ride and the arrival time of your MOIA before every binding booking.

What child seats do you have on board?

Our MOIAs in Hamburg are equipped with a child seat for 1/2/3 (9-36 kg) groups. You  can book them via the app. The child seat is on board in every MOIA in Hamburg. For very small children, we ask you to bring a baby seat or a child seat with you. You reserve the seat for your child no matter how old it is via the app by specifying the number of persons, as you do when booking for other adult passengers.