Our vehicle: The MOIA +6

In Hamburg the quiet, yet eye-catching vehicles in maya-yellow are turning heads. Whenever a MOIA passes by, there are curious glances. But what is the first vehicle specially developed for ridesharing all about?

We call our vehicle the MOIA +6, because unlike other vehicles it is not about displacement or acceleration. The MOIA +6 was designed for the sharing-age - and you can see that in every detail.

We wanted to create a vehicle for that would make it easy for you to share your ride with others without sacrificing the comfort of your own vehicle. The MOIA +6 is designed for 6 passengers, all of whom should have plenty of room and be able to get in and out without disturbing each other.

If you're a bit familiar with cars, you'll see at first glance that the MOIA resembles Volkswagen's design language. And that's true, because it was developed  with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Osnabrück. The technical basis for the MOIA +6 is the Volkswagen e-Crafter, but that is only the beginning. From the very first day of development, we have relied on co-creation and the MOIA +6 is also designed according to your wishes and ideas as well as of our drivers.

What you don't see directly is one of the most decisive features of our MOIA +6: the electric drive. Emission-free and quiet, the MOIAs glide through Hamburg's streets. The electricity that power our MOIAs is also green. Our vehicles can easily handle a whole day : The MOIA +6 has a range of over 300 kilometres and can be charged to 80 percent within a good half hour.

When you get on, you notice that we have planned from the perspective of the future passenger. The door opens automatically. Several boarding aids enable older people to board safely. We have also thought of the very young. Child seats are always on board. Directly to the right of the boarding area is a storage area for luggage, shopping bags or a foldable wheelchair.


There is lots of space. If you get in, you don't have to bend down to get to your seat (there is even a love seat in the back). And those who sometimes don't feel comfortable in everyday city life with dirty streets or the neon lights of the subway will appreciate the high-quality floor and the LED ambient lighting. The interior of the MOIA vehicle adapts to the needs and plans of the user. After all, there are days when you want to be on your own and days when you're open to new contacts. It's also important to remember that in a MOIA vehicle you always know where you are. The WIFI is free and it is fast. The route of the temporary carpool is displayed on a large screen.  There is individual lighting and a USB port for charging smartphones, tablets or other devices.

We're looking forward to welcoming you to one of our MOIA +6 on April 15th, so you can experience it all for yourself.