Ordering a MOIA has never been easier for blind or visually-impaired passengers

Starting now, our MOIA app supports Voice Over, Talkback and dynamic font sizes, making our service easier to use for people with visual impairments.

A large part of our everyday lives relies on the use of smartphones. However, for people with severe visual impairments, using a smartphone can be a challenge. Both Android and iOS offer tools to make their phones easier to use for blind people. From now on, the MOIA app will also support these features, making it more accessible to visually-impaired users.

But what are the specific challenges people with visual impairments face when using our MOIA app? In order to find out, we invited some visually-impaired MOIA users to join us to help better understand their concerns and worked with them to find solutions.

One of them was Erdin who documented our Co-Creation Day for his vlog Mr. Blindlife.

This meeting took the form of a Co-Creation Day in our Hamburg office. We used the time to undertake tests with visually-impaired people. In small groups, they tested the MOIA app’s individual functions step-by-step and gave us useful feedback. Thanks to this information, we were able to revise the app and reduce visual hurdles even more. In just a short time, the MOIA app will integrate special tools to improve usability for the visually impaired on the world’s two largest smartphone operating systems.

You test the app and we take notes.

Two essential smartphone features make MOIA even more accessible to people with visual impairments: dynamic font sizes and voice commands.

Dynamic font sizes help to make texts and menu items more visible. Users who set a larger font size on their smartphones can now use this in their MOIA app too. The app adapts to the required font size, simplifying access for those with impaired vision.

For users who are unable to read the screen of their smartphone, the Voice Over function for iOS and the Talkback function for Android provide them with additional support. The smartphone can be operated through gesture control while a voice leads them through menus and apps. The speed and pitch of speech can be individually adjusted to the user’s own preferences. This feature is also supported by the MOIA app. Thanks to these new features, even blind passengers can easily book a MOIA, set up payment methods, give feedback or offer tips.