MOIA for Businesses: This is how companies use our ride-sharing service

More than 60,000 Hanoverians already use MOIA, mostly for private and personal trips.
But more and more companies are using MOIA to flexibly organise their mobility. 

The scenarios range from the simple journey to work to the use at company events. But why is this so practical for companies?

Many companies today have their own fleet of company cars. However, these are often very difficult to manage and inefficient because the demand is not easy to estimate and a company has running costs - even if no company car is needed. With MOIA, companies can reduce their fixed costs for mobility, save travel costs and increase the attractiveness of their locations through better accessibility.

Some companies are already relying on our ridesharing service to integrate MOIA firmly into their business.

In Hanover, a real estate company, among others, relies on MOIA's services. The employees, who perform various tasks on behalf of the company as agents, property managers, service technicians or building technicians, are all faced with the same challenges: deadlines are tightly timed, real estate objects are scattered all over the city. Many residential properties do not have permanent administrative parking spaces, which is why time and nerves are often lost in the search for a parking space. To do this, a car from the company's vehicle pool must be available and checked beforehand or refueled if necessary. With MOIA, on the other hand, employees now know the time of arrival before the journey and save themselves the trouble of searching for a parking space.

The company now saves costs for company parking spaces through MOIA because it has reduced the company car fleet. Costs for leasing installments, parking spaces, fuel and maintenance of the vehicles are no longer incurred and MOIA helps employees to get to their destination in the city cheaper and more flexibly with the possibility to share their ride.

In Hamburg, a hotel has already planned to integrate MOIA firmly into its own operations and will offer its guests a flexible airport service in the future. Particularly after a long flight, visitors to a foreign city do not necessarily want to worry about further transportation to the hotel. In the future, hotel guests will be able to conveniently request a MOIA coupon before their arrival, enabling them to get to the hotel without having to change at any time according to their travel plans.

This is a great benefit for the hotel and the travellers: the inefficient hotel shuttle vehicle can be replaced by MOIA. Often it didn't offer enough space, but took up space itself most of the time of the day. At the same time, the hotel also saves costs: no car to maintain, refuel and clean. And finally, the hotel creates a special experience for its guests: with MOIA, they get a very special piece of Hamburg, which only exists there.