In Hamburg they say MOIA

We're finally here. Now that we have made friends with the Hanseatic city and its streets, we can share all of this with you: MOIA starts tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. in Hamburg and becomes a firm fixture of the city.

In order to use MOIA from tomorrow, you just have to do the following:


1. Download the MOIA app from the App Store or Google Play.

2.Register in the MOIA App.

3. Book your first trip: choose your starting and finishing point, find out what the

trip will cost and when you expect to arrive. The trip will be paid directly through

the app.

4. The app will show you your MOIA stop where you will be picked up. Go there,

look out for your MOIA and get in.

5. MOIA is not only good for you, but for everyone. This is because you can share

your ride with others who want to go in a similar direction. Sharing in this way

helps the city. It means less traffic, less emissions and less noise.


Only 5 euros per single trip from the start.


By the way, until 12 May you will never pay more than 5€ per single trip through

the entire business area in Hamburg. Each additional person you take with you

pays a reduced fare. No matter for how long, and no matter where. Leave your

car and get in.


It's time to say thank you


Over the past two years, we have worked continuously to bring MOIA to the city

on the Elbe and Alster rivers with the largest electric ridesharing fleet in Europe.

Our MOIAs have been on the streets of Hamburg since January. So we slowly but

surely inserted ourselves into the cityscape like a new puzzle piece. The electric

MOIAs in Mayagelb have made the people of Hamburg curious. It wasn't possible

to share your trip in a MOIA yet, but on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pictures

of the MOIAs that have been sighted have already been shared enthusiastically.


Over the past few months, we've been testing and improving the service to give

you the best possible ridesharing experience starting Monday. At various co-

creation events you could accompany MOIA again and again on the way to

Hamburg and help shape how MOIA will look like in Hamburg.


Now it's time to say thank you! We would like to thank everyone who made MOIA

what it is now: the city of Hannover, the co-creators, every tester, every single

employee of MOIA, the city of Hamburg, the Hochbahn and everyone who shared

their knowledge, opinions and experiences to make MOIA possible. We have

already proved one thing during the preparation for the launch in Hamburg: when

many people share, great things can be achieved.