Hub, hub, hooray

A second hub for Hamburg.

On September 9th we opened our doors in Hamburg-Horn. This second hub will provide better coverage in the east of Hamburg in the future. We are looking forward to shorter journeys to our customers, to a larger fleet and less distance that our MOIAs have to cover empty.

With our large Hamburg hub in the north-west of the city, we have laid the foundation stone for MOIA in the city. In the successful first few months, however, it was always clear that we would have to continue to grow in order to better meet the great demand. After the successive expansion of our fleet, which has already improved the availability of MOIA, we can now take a big step forward with the opening of the new hub in Hamburg-Horn.

Thanks to the new hub, our MOIAs are now better distributed in Hamburg. This also means that we can be with you faster and have to cover less distance without passengers. There will also be less empty trips when drivers are taking their break or ending their working day. 

"The special thing is that we found a depot so close to the city. We are very grateful to Hamburger HOCHBAHN for renting us this facility," says Jens Michael May, CEO MOIA Operations GmbH, delighted with the opening of the new hub.

It offers space for 52 additional MOIAs, which can be supplied with power via 50 AC chargers and two fast-charging columns. The site also houses a workshop for smaller vehicle repairs and possibilities to clean our MOIAs.

In addition to the opening of our new hub, MOIA is already planning another new facility to shorten empty trips. In Süderstraße, we will soon open a decentralised charging station with eight fast charging columns, a toilet and a break room. Therefore, our drivers don't have to make their way to the hub to load and take a break, and trips that don't serve passenger transport are reduced.

The new hub, and soon the decentralised charging station, will improve our service not only in the east, but in the entire Hamburg service area.