Culture connects

#GuterMove supports KULTURISTENHOCH2

KULTURISTENHOCH2 enables social and cultural participation of seniors with a small pension. The initiative invites them to use the cultural diversity of Hamburg regularly and free of charge, together with a young person from their district.

This stimulates the exchange and getting to know each other between the generations and strengthens the cohesion in the common district.

Art and culture, which offer themselves as ideal mediators between the generations, play an important role here. The seniors receive two tickets, invite the young guest and experience together, for example a concert, a reading, a play. Any costs incurred for bus and train will be covered for senior citizens. Especially for this case the MOIA rides from #GuterMove can be a valuable support.

The advantages however are not one-sided: high school students change their perspective in intergenerational encounters while taking over responsibility as an early volunteer. The young people are prepared for their voluntary commitment in school workshops and external trainings, guided by experts.

This fall more than 160 senior students of ten schools throughout Hamburg volunteer within the intergenerational project.

If you wish to provide additional support in favour of the intergenerational exchange, the initiative can use any help. KULTURISTENHOCH2 is a project of the non-profit organization STIFTUNG GENERATIONEN-ZUSAMMENHALT and welcomes all financial support.


Here are the bank details of KULTURISTENHOCH2 for a donation:



IBAN: DE94 2005 0550 1002 2964 30