A staycation in Hamburg

We went out again with a Hamburg influencer as our tour guide to explore Hamburg, MOIA's second hometown.

We visited places that create a holiday feeling even for locals and despite there being no summer temperatures.

Most people from Hamburg know the city very well, while their friends from out of town have already done everything from Miniaturwunderland to the Michel when it comes to sightseeing. Meanwhile, as a local you are not even sure whether you will have to pay admission to the Elbphilharmonie plaza or not.

Together with the Instagram portal Igershamburg, we created an Instaride on the subject of ‘staycationing’ in order to capture some of Hamburg's hotspots glowing with that extra bit of holiday flair. The seats in our MOIA were this time taken by raffle entrants Miriam, Marcus, Manuel as well as our Special Guest Talika from Mit Vergnügen Hamburg.


Planetarium from Miriam aka @foxupnorth

Our first stop was the Planetarium in Stadtpark. This park is a place of relaxation and tranquility for many Hamburgers, whether chilling at the weekend, going jogging, or walking. Here you can quickly forget about the fact that you are in the middle of the second largest city in Germany. As a photo motif, the Planetarium is also absolutely iconic for Hamburg, even though most Hamburgers haven't been there yet. Between the bright colors of the flowers the Instagrammer wanted to frame the pride stripes in rainbow colors on our MOIA.

Isebekkanal from Manuel aka @feedograph

We went on to Little Amsterdam. The popular outdoor café feels like a small Dutch island, especially with a few rays of sunshine. On the steps at the building, between flowers and in cosy sitting areas, nothing indicates that most of the guests here may just have left work. A Dutch bicycle at the bicycle rack and the view to the Isebek canal lets you see the world in oranje and feel like you’re in Holland.

Dockland building from @marcus.hohlbein

Nevertheless, we detached ourselves from the wonderful laid back feeling in Café Amsterdam and headed for sunset at the water. The choice is not easy, as from the Oberhafenbrücke to Blankenese there are numerous spectacular waterside places that make for a perfect summer evening. We decided to opt for the Große Elbstraße. There, at the Dockland building, we observed how the harbour lights took over as the sun set and formed the most beautiful panorama of Hamburg. Even a Berliner would gush "awww, Hamburg".  

On to the last stop, Hafencity. While tourists from outside populate the streets here every day, most Hamburgers hardly ever come here. Later in the evening we went for another round in the now empty streets of the modern district. We had a cocktail by the water, with the Elphi serving as a picturesque backdrop, and remembered that we were lucky enough to be at home here in Hamburg.

Many thanks to Igershamburg, Marcus, Miriam, Manuel, Talika and our fantastic driver Julia for this wonderful day in Hamburg.