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On the way to the Hamburg-Takt: MOIA reports positive results

  • 31,000 rides for wheelchair users and 240,000 by severely disabled people with the help of MOIA's ridepooling service in 2023
  • Lebenshilfe e.V.: "240,000 free rides impressively underline the existing need"
  • A total of 2.9 million passengers used the MOIA service in Hamburg
  • Positive trend emphasises the importance of ridepooling in the evolution of Hamburg's public transport system


Hamburg, 6 February 2024 - The MOIA ridepooling service is looking back on a positive year of its ridepooling service in Hamburg. With its first authorisation as part of Hamburg's public transport system in January 2023, 15 wheelchair-accessible vehicles are now part of the fleet. Last year, wheelchair users used MOIA's accessible service for 31,000 rides. At the same time, severely disabled people and their companions with the appropriate token were able to use MOIA free of charge for more than 240,000 rides. "Social inclusion for all people is closely linked to mobility options. We are pleased to support people with disabilities on their daily trips with our service. The figures show the demand and relevance of our service", explains Sascha Meyer, CEO of MOIA. Axel Graßmann, Managing Director of Lebenshilfe Hamburg e.V., says: "MOIA's barrier-free ridepooling service is a great offering. 240,000 free rides impressively underline the existing demand. We hope that the service will continue in the long term."

Strengthening local public transport with ridepooling

With its new licence as part of the public transport system, MOIA expanded its business area from 200 to 270 square kilometres in January 2023. The aim was to serve districts that were previously less well served by the existing public transport network. To achieve this, MOIA expanded the existing service area to include Wilhelmsburg, Lurup/Osdorf, Rahlstedt and Billstedt/Billbrook. Around 445,000 people used the service in 2023 to travel to or from these districts. In total, over 2.9 million passengers used in the Hanseatic city. "This positive development underlines the importance of ridepooling in the further development of Hamburg's public transport system", says Sascha Meyer. "The successful expansion of our business area and the integration of wheelchair-accessible vehicles show that innovative mobility solutions such as ridepooling have a positive impact on people's quality of life. We will continue to work closely with our partners for the Hamburg-Takt to sustainably improve mobility for the people of Hamburg."

The expansion of the MOIA service is partly funded by the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport's funding guideline "Model projects to strengthen public transport". The measures are a further step towards the Hamburg-Takt. The aim is to achieve 80 percent of journeys by 2030 via the environmental alliance - i.e. walking, cycling and public transport, including climate-friendly and on-demand mobility solutions such as autonomous ridepooling.

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About MOIA

MOIA is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. The company develops mobility services at its Berlin and Hamburg locations and works in partnership with cities and local public transport operators. MOIA is currently developing and implementing a ridepooling system to avoid individual car traffic and use road infrastructure more efficiently. Cities are relieved of congestion, noise and exhaust fumes. MOIA has been offering its ridepooling service in Hanover since the summer of 2018, followed by Hamburg, the first megacity, on April 15, 2019. Together with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, MOIA is currently developing and testing autonomous ridepooling in Hamburg in a pilot project. MOIA's goal is to develop an autonomous, internationally scalable ridepooling system by 2025. For more information, visit

31,000 journeys for wheelchair users and 240,000 by severely disabled people with the help of MOIA's ridepooling service in 2023