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Munich bets on expertise from MOIA, dmo and TUM for future of urban mobility

  • A consortium of MOIA, dmo - digital mobilities consultants and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is developing operating concepts for a possible on-demand service in Bavaria's capital city

  • Development of different scenarios, with driver-operated and automated vehicle fleets

Hamburg/Munich, February 22, 2023 – In cooperation with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the consulting firm dmo - digital mobilities consultants, the ridepooling provider MOIA has been supporting the City of Munich in implementing its mobility strategy since the end of last year. The expansion of shared mobility is one of the central components of the Mobility Strategy 2035, with which the Mobility Department of the City of Munich aims to ensure safe, sustainable and efficient mobility for its citizens. A good quarter of the journeys that people currently make in Munich each day in private motorized transport are to be shifted to shared mobility solutions.

In the coming months, the consortium will develop scenarios on behalf of the state capital and in close consultation with the relevant stakeholders, such as the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) or the Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund (MVV), that show what a ridepooling service in Munich could look like, how it could be configured, what development potential it would have, and how it would affect the overall traffic situation in the state capital. Ridepooling provider MOIA is contributing its many years of expertise in setting up and operating large ridepooling fleets in Hamburg and Hanover to the project. In addition, MOIA's accompanying research has provided the company with comprehensive data on shared mobility in large cities, which MOIA can draw on when advising cities. The Technical University of Munich is contributing its expertise in the analysis of traffic behavior and the development and application of traffic models to the consortium. For this purpose, Prof. Dr. Rolf Moeckel's "Traffic Behavior" research group is developing an agent-based demand model for the Munich metropolitan region that simulates future ridepooling demand. The dmo - digital mobilities consultants - provides support with its experience in the conception and implementation of on-demand transport from the perspective of holistic mobility planning.

With regard to the details, the consortium of the Technical University of Munich, dmo-digital mobilities consultants and MOIA is developing various scenarios with driver-operated as well as automated vehicle fleets. The scenarios take into account various factors, such as service area layouts, fleet sizes, and possible pricing models. The aim is to show how ridepooling can interact optimally with other modes of transport and transport systems in the city and how the service can make the best possible contribution to meeting mobility demand in Munich efficiently, flexibly and sustainably in the future. In order to address individual issues, the consortium is in close exchange with the relevant stakeholders in the city. The project ends in June 2023.

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About MOIA

MOIA is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. The company develops mobility services at its Berlin and Hamburg locations and works in partnership with cities and local public transport operators. MOIA is currently developing and implementing a ridepooling system to avoid individual car traffic and use road infrastructure more efficiently. Cities are relieved of congestion, noise and exhaust fumes. MOIA has been offering its ridepooling service in Hanover since the summer of 2018, followed by Hamburg, the first megacity, on April 15, 2019. Together with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, MOIA is currently developing and testing autonomous ridepooling in Hamburg in a pilot project. The goal is to develop an autonomous, internationally scalable ridepooling system by 2025. For more information, visit


About the Technical University of Munich

With more than 50,000 students, the Technical University is one of the leading universities and is regularly ranked alongside the most influential universities in international rankings. For the third time in a row, TUM was awarded the title "University of Excellence" in 2019. In 2021, its third-party funding volume amounted to 430 million euros. The Chair of Traffic Behavior is led by Prof. Dr. Rolf Moeckel and focuses on the analysis of traffic behavior and the development of traffic models. Particular emphasis is placed on integrating cutting-edge research with applied problems in transportation science.


About dmo - digital mobilities consultants

dmo - digital mobilities consultants - supports with its experience in conceptual design and implementation of on-demand transports from the perspective of holistic mobility planning as well as strategic consulting. It is also regularly involved in implementation support (operating concepts, funding applications, calculations and simulation support, tenders, product launch) and optimization of on-demand services. With the support of more than 25 diversified on-demand offers in Germany, dmo is one of the more experienced consulting players when it comes to the conceptual design and implementation of these services. An important aspect of this is the optimal linking of on-demand services with (regular) public transport to create an attractive overall service, taking into account economic factors. Together with suitable cooperation partners, dmo accompanies the projects from the preparation of the services, the conception of the service area including the determination of the necessary parameters for an efficient operation, the preparation of the funding applications and the implementation of the tendering procedures.


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