Our start-up meeting

"We don't want to work on the vehicle for three years and then find out that our customers have a different opinion on many points.

Anyone who’s ever worked on a large project knows it’s easy to get sidetracked. A concept that maybe made sense a few months ago now just seems so complicated.

At our Co-creation Day people had the chance to tell us what they think. After all, they ultimately know best what to expect from our vehicle and service. How does the concept of convenience differ between an older man and a young woman? Some want easier access to the vehicle, others a cleaner app design.

 “We don’t want to work on the vehicle for three years only to find out that our customers see things differently in many areas,” says Christian Rosen, Head of Vehicle Management & Concepts. To stop that happening, we want to work together to discover what a modern mobility solution might look like. And not through anonymous questionnaires, but in one-on-one conversations – as equals.”