We start on April 15th Our service area for Hamburg

Where and when does MOIA begin operating in Hamburg?

On April 15th, we will start in Hamburg. This also means that we can finally answer one of your most frequently asked questions. Where and when does MOIA begin operating in Hamburg?

From the beginning, MOIA will ride from Horn to Wellingsbüttel in the east, to Fühlsbüttel in the north, Groß Flottbek in the west and Hafencity in the south of the city. Naturally, the city center area is also completely covered.

Starting in April, we will be there for you in these areas at the following times:

Monday to Wednesday: 05.00 am to 01.00 am

Thursday 05.00 am to Sunday 06.00 am: continuously

Sunday 10.00 am until midnight

But we also have great news for all of you who can't find your place of residence listed yet. We can already guarantee that the service area will increase in the coming expansion phase. So with Blankenese we will expand into the west and with Rahlstedt in the east to the city boundaries. Volksdorf, Langenhorn and Eidelstedt are also firmly planned. We will cover all these areas by September 2019 at the latest.