MOIA now operates in the entire city of Hanover

Hanover ist the first major German city where you can use ridesharing all across the city

Where does MOIA operate in Hanover? Can I go there via MOIA? Does your ride-sharing service include my district? All these questions have been resolved for Hanover with immediate effect. Because the answer to all these questions is "Yes!" From Mecklenheide to Gaim? No problem! Because MOIA will be operating in the entire city Hanover from now on.

Only a few months after starting we expand our service area to the whole city of Hannover. This makes it the first major German city where you can use ridesharing all across the city. We will take you there, no matter where you are in Hanover.

Especially people who commute daily from the outskirts of the city to the city centre can benefit from this service, as they can make their way to the city centre without their own car. The entire mobility mix in Hanover makes it increasingly easier for commuters to leave their cars behind and share their journeys by bus, train and MOIA. Meaning one car less is parked in the city during the day.

During the test phase, MOIA was only available in the city centre. In October 2018 the first expansion of the service area took place. After more than half a year of regular operation in Hanover, we are now there for you in the whole city. In this expansion step, the previously valid area was almost doubled. We have expanded from 114 to 204 square kilometres. In addition, as will soon be the case in Hamburg, the first electric vehicles will be on the road in Hanover this year.

We are looking forward to even more shared trips with you!